Phase Transition Breakthrough

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    Disorder plays a key role in phase transitions of materials

    The researchers discovered that, at just the right high speed of interaction, the material behaved differently, as if you could match vibrations with it and walk right through walls or make something melt or whatever. Both short range and long range forces have proven important in any phase transition, implying supersymmetry, however this is the first report of a fundamental underlying asymmetry. If I'm right, what they have found is how each object can be said to have its own "time zone" that overlaps with the universe around them. You can think of a rock as having a slower time zone than a bacteria, simply due to its composition and complexity. As if material objects and mass reflect the future normalizing the past in a hyperuniform manner that should express pi, or the Golden Ratio.

    Assuming I'm right, then they should achieve the alchemist's dream and master superconductivity and everything else starting within the next three years. Then come all the experiments with how to use hardware to manipulate space-time in outrageous ways.
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    Rick and Morty season 4, coming soon to a reality near you. Maybe.
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    Mother Nature guards the entrance to every rabbit hole, or we'd already be up shit creek without a paddle.

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