Petition - Remove USDA From Giving Dietary Recommendations

Discussion in 'Activism' started by dietarydogma, Feb 21, 2014.

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    Our current Dietary Guidelines need to be completely overhauled.

    Due to the influence of big business and governmental conflict of interest, our guidelines have become vague and ambiguous instead of providing the straight answers we need in order to make informed dietary decisions.

    The USDA subsidizes and promotes our agricultural products and should not also be responsible for providing our dietary recommendations. They also should not host the Nutrition Evidence Library (NEL) used to provide the research to the panel that provides the USDA/HHS dietary guideline recommendations.

    Our recommendations should come from an agency (or a non-governmental panel of scientific experts) rooted in the scientific community, human biochemistry, clinical research and evidence. Our recommendations should not come from deep-rooted industry ties and campaign contributions.

    Please Share, Tweet, Digg, Pin, Plus, Reddit or whatever else there is to do socially! I have attached a banner to help promote the petition.

    Most importantly, please take 2 minutes to register on the White House website and sign the petition! We really need help in order to reach 100K signatures by 03-11-2014.

    You can, and will, help make a difference! Thank you.


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    I totally agree with this. Where I live, agriculture is a big part of our economy.
    There are farmers here who sell their livestock to local people, for example 1/2 a cow, 1/4, etc. for meat. Then the customer takes it to the processor. It doesn't cost much more in the long run, maybe a little.
    You can tell a big difference, not just in the taste, but definitely when it's cooking. Store-bought hamburger smells utterly gross when cooking, after cooking fresh hamburger for a while.

    The chemicals sprayed in the fields for pesticide, fertilizer, etc. show up in drinking water. Thank God for filtration systems. Not to mention genetically engineered corn.
    Try feeding GMO corn to a friendly squirrel, beside an ear of sweet corn. Easy to see the squirrel's preference. That says something.

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