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  1. I think the fans of Manchester City judged their chairman too harshly during the 1976-1993 period when they finally eventually protested and him stepping down. Tony Book was just as much to blame if not more so, and considering that Tony Book had FIVE chances as manager and let 8 players leave from a possible 11 during that very first stint he had during 1974-1979 as manager prior to the next 4 stints until the early 1990s.

    What Alex Ferguson did to United from 2003/2005 onwards with The Glazer takeover was something that Peter Swales would NEVER have done, where Ferguson did exert more power, control and influence over United and them falling behind Liverpool and Manchester City ever since.

    It only needs Leeds to rise to the top again and then United becoming a feeder selling club selling all their best players to Leeds, with the shoe being on the other foot and a possible stint in the 3rd tier for United in the future.

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    Ah, Leeds - The Club that was, and reached for the stars, or maybe over-reached.(?)?

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