PETA and the politics of putting things in Perspective

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by EllisDTripp, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. EllisDTripp

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  2. daisymae

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    I think the people at PETA are nuts.

    hear, hear.

    A better start might be to promote a "vegetarian meal night" the same way as the "turkey Tuesday" ads. Get people started.
    But no, it's all or nothing and you're all a bunch of murdering idiots. They want their clique.
  3. Sage-Phoenix

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    Great article :)

    Am pro animal rights myself, but yes it's always vital to put things into perspective. You want to scream and stamp to make it happen, but that can be so counter productive. Always good to have a wake up call.

    To give them some credit, PETA do get attention for the cause. Which would be fine, but do they not stop to think exactly what kind of attention that is. They do a diservice to every other animal rights group who have to live with the inevitable comparison/associations with 'those PETA nut jobs'*.

    Not too keen on the race angle. Obviously PETA aren't going to fight racism isn't not their issue (would frankly look ridiculous). There are so many causes out there, everyone finds their own niche.
    Even so, they should listen and try to think before making campaigns around such sensitive issues. Presumably they meant well, but still, ouch.

    LOL, do like his mini biography. May have to snag that bit about hate mail.

    *direct quote from a friend. The whole phrase was 'you're not one of those PETA nut jobs are you?'. That was a knee jerk response to finding out I'm vegetarian. (he's a bit of an asshole, and omi of course, but still a valid lesson)
  4. Aura

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    i think im old enough to join PETA now
  5. Sage-Phoenix

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    Yeah guess so. Go for it, well if you want.

    Get the impression most of their members are teenagers.
  6. Kilgore Trout

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    I can't figure out that "purebreed" comment, but most of the other things they (the activists) say, I agree with. The animal cruelty epidemic most certainly is comparable to both the holocaust and with slavery. And humans are cruel. Anyone who has studied history knows this.
    Do I feel smug or superior to meat eaters?
    I don't know. Maybe I do. I definitely beleive that I can claim a moral higher ground, but I don't go around rubbing it in people's faces.
    But don't most people tend to claim some higher ground against say mass murderers or child molesters? If I'm responsible for far less cruelty in the world than most people, then why shouldn't I?
  7. drumminmama

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    my son was a member at eight. Its just a card and extra mail...and not much you didn't already know.
    seemed wasteful.
    After I quoted a PETA rep in an article, I got the mail at work for two years.

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