Pet Snail and Slug Thread

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by mullusca, Jul 30, 2013.

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    I have several different species of pet snails and slugs. I am hoping there are others on this forum that have pet snails or slugs so we can exchange information about our pets and have our say about them.
    :daisy: mullusca
  2. mullusca

    mullusca Guest

    I will start by giving a list of the pet snails and slugs I have.
    Snails: Cepaea nemoralis
    Cepaea hortensis
    Pleurodonte Isabella
    Discus rotundatus
    Oxychilus alliarus
    These are all land snails. I tried keeping water snails but was unsuccessful.
    Slugs: Limax maximus: Leopard slugs
    Deroceras agrete
    Arion Subfuscus

    A question if anyone knows. If your snails are getting enough calcium for their shells yet a few of them have dull shells is it safe to rub a bit of olive oil on the shell?
    :daisy: mullusca

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