"persistence of pain"

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ~piscean]-[delusions, May 22, 2004.

  1. ~ p i s c e a n ]-[ d e l u s i o n s ~ my poetry ~ persistence of pain

    all of the times ive broken down and couldn't maintain
    and the things that bother me of which i complain
    the pain i feel when i look into a hurt person's eyes
    heartbreak i experience when i can't get compromise
    hearing the truth when it isn't what i want to hear
    knowing the path, yet it is still so unclear
    trying to feel positive when everything is negative
    being used and abused because im too willing to give
    waiting for things i fear ill never be able to see
    living as a slave when the dream is to be free
    looking for the meaning whether or not it is there
    the shoes i have on surely nobody would wear
    reaching a goal only to find out im still far away
    always something to struggle with in every day
    stress that builds up until i fall apart
    dont know if im capable of filling my heart
    serving my life time and again
    left with nothing and nowhere to begin
    wanting the things i know i cant aquire
    reaching for the elusive feeling of admire
    outstretched are my arms, my hands remain empty
    ive been here all along yet does anyone truly see
    for on the outside i may be smiling
    but on inside however i feel i am dying
    i must keep reminding myself everything will be fine
    but i always know that i am fighting with time
    it's never enough, and life is too short
    however painful this mission i cannot abort
    because there is a reason, a purpose for me
    but exactly what it is will i live long enough to see?

  2. wow
    how we all long to find our purpose,
    to gather all we should learn,
    to pass on our experiences day after day.

    very lovely piece
    how long will you wait to
    be free again
    i wonder if you view this
    piece in the future and
    see past this state of heart and mind

    love n peace from saff
    i feel i need to know my reason
    this helped me to pin point all i am
    all i can be and have been
    thank you for this post.
  3. NightShadow

    NightShadow Member

    Great poem man, it really felt if that makes any sence to ya?
    props dude. :)
  4. hmm, actually I am quite free, I don't work for anybody but myself, but I still consider myself a slave because I am trapped within the confines of american politics.

    and I do see past this state of heart and mind right now, but I drift to this painful place and recall all of this so well depending on the circumstances of any given day.

    glad you could appreciate these words, hope I clarified this piece a little more for you.
  5. wow you did
    i have the same situation that keeps falling catching me
    how it hangs around my mind i too write to free
    my heart and move on
    again lovely words
    love n peace from saff

    america how it drains the life of so many
    just my opinion
    i understand the political chain...
  6. unfortunately I had no choice in my place of birth and I've been stuck in this country ever since, longing to escape to a more humanitarian place.

    if only I could get my photography/arts off the ground to afford some travel...

    still I keep the hope alive.
  7. Communism

    Communism Member

    Every time I read your poems, it's... just great to know that some people feel the way I do... Your poems means a lot to me... Thank you
  8. ahh, and likewise it is nice to know others share similar feelings as do I, your comments are appreciated, thank you.

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