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    Hello hipforum,
    I had done acid a couple of years ago and had a bad experience that left me with residual hallucinations that slowly dwindled until just recently and now they're not noticeable at all. During that recovery period i did acid twice at a low dose and had no ill effects. Then two weeks ago i did acid twice in one week. The first time one hit, the second time two. both were mild but still had visible hallucinations. EVer since the second time i did it whenever i smoke weed i start to trip. The higher i get the more prominent the visuals are. They're not precisely acid like but resemble acid more than shrooms or dmt or mescaline which are the other hallucinogens i've tried. It's not unpleasant or anything it's just weird and not normal.

    Does anybody have experience with this sort of thing? Advice? is this permanent? Is there any doctor i can go to with this sort of problem?

    At this point i've already decided that i probably can't ever do acid again - at least not for a very long time.
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    I have had weed elicit flashbacks a few times, one of them incredibly intense on brownies about a week following an acid trip. It will likely go away after some time, maybe go easy on the weed when you smoke it. From your description I don't think you should resort to a doctor, I'm thinking they'd likely tell you to abstain from drugs and perhaps prescribe you some nasty anti-psychotics.
  3. remitido

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    Okay, thanks that's comforting to hear. And yeah I'm not about about going on antipsychotics just to get rid of this. That'd be ridiculous
  4. Desos

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    once after not smoking for 6 months and dosing acid about 6 times and salvia twice, after i started smoking again every time it would be like a full blown salvia trip for about 6 hours. then after the next break every time i got high was very trippy like you are describing. it went away with time, and weed tolerance. this last time i took a break from smoking when i started back up again it just felt normal because i havn't taken acid in 2 years.

    i was always one to ride with these sorts of things when they happen. flowing with the alterations that psychedelics make in your perception. nowadays, due to lsd and life experiences, i don't have nearly the same perception of reality i used to. is this a bad thing? no it set me free.

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