Percussionists...drummers...anyone NOT play guitar?

Discussion in 'Performing Arts' started by Cuban, May 26, 2007.

  1. telecaster90

    telecaster90 Member

    I totally love percussion. Like the OP, I'm totally into marching percussion. I march tenors at the moment and I'm thinking about doing a DCI or WGI group in college.

    Besides that, I mostly stick to mallet instruments (marimba, xylophone, vibes, etc). That's really my forte. I'm not that great of a rudimental player or a set player, so I try to stick to mallets.
  2. slybond

    slybond Member

    been playing the drums for almost 10 years now, i play:
    pearl export black with black hardware 10/12/14/22

    pearl steve ferrone sig snare
    paiste 2oo2's/zildjian avadis
    iron cobra single pedal
    pearl 800 series hardware
    evan clear g2's all around
    promark japanese oak sticks

    also my uncle gave me an older 80's roland electronic drum set that iv been playin with for a few weeks
  3. Any Color You Like

    Any Color You Like Senior Member

    Sure, I play guitar![​IMG]

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