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Discussion in 'Politics' started by saffronfrancisburnet, Jan 30, 2005.

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    to all

    anyone in a union due to vote for unison

    vote roger bannister

    here why....

    no to taking the general secretarys salary,{which is 80.000} will live on workers wage
    lead a strike against the attacks on pension rights for public sector
    ...HERE in march....
    defends public services and not to privatisation.
    will NOT give a penny to the labour party from unison

    with the reality that its time for unison to break
    its ties from the labour party here in the uk...........

    so vote with care...
    this government does represent the working class
    no longer....

    look to a change for the better....


    next socialist party meeting in cambs uk
    is feb 9th...i will be looking to speak.
    and listen to your views.....

    love n peace from saff.

    ps....dont let the capitalists rule this planet anymore......

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