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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by Terrapin Flyer, May 8, 2004.

  1. hey now family. just wondering if anyone else from the forums is going to the Pennsylvania Alleghany regional. check out for details. i think its memorial day weekend. i have plenty of room if anyone in the area needs a ride.

    ~shine on in love and light~
  2. kayatree

    kayatree Member

    Memorial day weekend, huh? Isn't that always the last weekend in May or something?

    If it is, I'm definitely going. We could caravan if you're interested... :)

    with love,
  3. sounds good to me. where are ya?

    ~shine on in love and light~
  4. kayatree

    kayatree Member

    Right now I'm in upstate NY...

    I'll be near Astabula/Conneaut, Ohio that weekend though. Where are you?

  5. pennsylvania
  6. Jahappleweed

    Jahappleweed Member

    Hey Ya'll,
    I have been checking out some of the Rainbows sites and have found them to be very interesting. I live in Columbus,Ohio and am soon to be homeless. Dont feel sorry for me though. I dont. I am kinda actually looking forward to it. I have a van so I always have a place to stay. I just cant feel good about being a part of the "System" anymore. I feel as if Im on this runaway train that is headed for a canyon and has lost its brakes. I am ready to jump off. There has got to be a better way to live. I was raised in a Christian environment and what I learned from what Jesus said is that we all need to look out for each other. That is not happening in our country today. I feel as if I am swimming in a tankful of sharks and I cannot defend myself. Which is what brought me here today. If we can make it happen I would like to go to the Gathering in Pa. with you guys. Let me know what you think and I will "check you later".
    Johnny Appleweed
  7. makno

    makno Senior Member

    im gonna realy try to make it!
  8. mmmnuggets

    mmmnuggets Member

    terripinflyer where in PA im in Ocean City Nj i can get to Philadelphia...when are you coming back?
  9. GuySmiley

    GuySmiley Member

    Dude, I grew up in Linwood and graduated from Mainland Regional. I am the same age as you, I bet I know you.
  10. psychedelix

    psychedelix Member

    I would love to go to the gathering in pa but three things are stopping me. 1. My girlfriend who has a car just got locked up (long story) and I live 10 minutes from philadelphia. that is very far from allegheny forest I belive. I don't think there is any buses that go that way
    2. I don't have anyone to go with cuz everyone I know has a job.
    3. I don't have my ID anymore and I heard cops set up roadblocks and ID everyone and if you don't have any ID they'll lock you up and scan your prints.
  11. sorry kids. theres not even gonna be a regional gathering up in PA. NERF is gonna be scouting a site for the 2005-2006 national. i still recomend everyone goes, but dont expect anything too big.

    ~shine on in love and light~
  12. Brad2571

    Brad2571 Member


    Go to Sheffield PA
    One tenth of a mile from the end of Route 666 (where it meets Route 6)
    there is a Uni-mart gas station.
    Turn onto this road and cross over the bridge. Continue onto High St
    Road, SR2002)and follow for 11.2 Miles to Dunham Siding. (This is the
    intersections of SR2002, FS116, FS119, and FS536)
    Make a left onto FS116.

    Seed Camp Monday 5/24/200- Thursday 5/28/2004
    After turning onto FS116 make an immediate right onto FS119. Follow for
    miles. You will see a gated road on the left marked "Foot Traffic
    This trail will lead you down to the site. Follow parking guidelines

    Long Term Parking (arrival on or after Friday 5/28)
    Stay on FS 116 for 1.8 miles. There is a quarry on the right with room
    large vehicle parking (bus/rv parking). Car parking is available all
    FS116, follow parking guidelines below. Look for marked trails to
    the site or follow along the road detailed below for site access.

    Gear drop-off locations / Live in car parking
    Approximately 0.1 miles beyond the quarry there is a unnumbered road on
    right. This dead end road leads to a ridge over the site. This road is
    excellent choice for those who live in their vehicles, handicap
    campers, or
    as a place to drop off gear to load in. This road also provides good
    for emergency vehicles so it is critical that parking guidelines be
    followed. Parking only on one side, all 4 wheels off the road. Do not
    access to this road. If you are only using this access point for load
    please drop off your gear and park your car along FS116.

    Parking guidelines:
    Park on one side of the road only. Park with all four tires completely
    the road. Cars not parked with all four wheels of the road may be
    to towing by the Forest Service. Do not block any roads or gates or
    car may be subject to towing.
  13. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    I'm going there from Cleveland on Tuesday... whatever day taht is, i thinkt he first and coming back friday morning whatever day taht is...

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