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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Niscro, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. Niscro

    Niscro Members

    Just out of wondering: Are there any girls/women that prefer the guy to not finish the penetrational sex inside their vagina but in their mouth instead? I could for instance imagine that if you have an allergy to semen, you'd rather not have it in your vagina. Or for any other reason (like just for fun, whatever...)

    (I am sorry, this question is for women only. No sexism intended, but simply the nature of the question)
  2. Drager1

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    I'm guessing if they have an allergy they wouldn't want it orally either
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  3. Niscro

    Niscro Members

    That indeed an interesting consideration. It seems though - and I am not making this up - the body can grow insensitive to semen (allergy) if entering orally periodicly for some time. Also the allergy mostly manifests itself locally on the kin, not through the whole body. So I think swallowing the stuff has it "in contact" with your body for a small period of time. And once in the stomach it gets destroyed by the gastic acid anyway.

    But in the end it's the person itself of course, I'd love to hear experiences.
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  4. I did that as birth control for a while after I went off the pill.

    My husband would pull out, and typically finish in my mouth.

    It wasn't due to an allergy, it was just an alternative birth control method.
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  5. Niscro

    Niscro Members

    Living on the edge :smiley: We did as well for a small period between pill and IUD. We could get away with it as both of us are not quite very fertile, we had to resort to IVF for conception.

    How do you feel about having a penis in your mouth after having been in your vagina? My wife doesn't like it, so in fact it was mostly handjobs to finish. She still doesn't mind finishing in her mouth as long as it hasn't been in her vagina before.
  6. I was fine with having him in my mouth after. He had already kissed me may times after performing oral on me, so it wasn't such a stretch.

    I've returned that favor as well.
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  7. Niscro

    Niscro Members

    :yum: Thumbs up!
  8. 721Jonny

    721Jonny Members

    My wife really enjoys the taste of her vagina -either on my cock, or on my face after I’ve been down on her; however, she invariably enjoys me finishing inside her vagina rather than her mouth - though she almost always ‘complains’ of the leakage afterwards!
  9. I prefer to cum with him deep inside my pussy once he has started with penetration. I love giving blowjobs and I’m more than happy with oral rather than penetrative sex, but there’s nothing like the feeling of an orgasm with his cock pulsing inside me.
    I will and do suck him afterwards and enjoy tasting myself on him.
  10. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Dude, an allergen ingested is a bad idea.
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  11. Barry Mandelay

    Barry Mandelay Members

    I realize the OP wants a woman's perspective but I've had several partners who have asked I not ejaculate in their pussy. Mostly to avoid pregnancy. It's hard not to as when the time comes having to alter course can be difficult. I want to keep stroking and it takes a little out of me upon hearing the request because I love to cum while inside her pussy. I get various reasons as to why not but the best was she didn't want any remains running out afterwards. She had to meet up with a client for her work and having me running down her leg would be a distraction.
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  12. Niscro

    Niscro Members

    Thank you for your contribution. Where did you use to have your orgasm mostly, in her mouth or elsewhere (like in a towel, which I think isn't particulary romantic or arousing :wink:)
  13. Barry Mandelay

    Barry Mandelay Members

    I have slid up to her breasts, laid over her and ejaculated on her belly, or rolled over and let her hands do the magic. Never orgasmed by oral as for some reason it just doesn't do anything for me. Clean up is pretty easy with tissues, wet wash cloth or even my tongue.
  14. Niscro

    Niscro Members

    Everybody is different of course. My spouse doesn't like goo on her body, so I used to finished myself on a towel. Which I rather have than over her body anyway. I also know many men will think I'm crazy not to want that :wink:
  15. Slutty Sue

    Slutty Sue Members

    My husband finishes where ever he wants to.
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  16. Niscro

    Niscro Members

    And does that also mean he frequently pulls out and you finish him with your mouth?
  17. Funfungirl

    Funfungirl Members

    I love when a guy does that, it is super dominant. HOT!!
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