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  1. pattymary

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    Peas and beans are the easiest things to grow in a garden, there are many species , do you grow some, which ones?
    Here are some DSC03013.JPG DSC03049.JPG DSC03049.JPG DSC03112.JPG pictures of my present crops;
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  2. MeAgain

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    Stringless green beans and peas. I don't know what kind.
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  3. jimandjan

    jimandjan Member

    Looks like you do good job keeping weeds out. Nice.
  4. alexsandro

    alexsandro Members

    I didn't try to grow it but I will try soon. First of all I need to cleen my yard because I wasted too much time for nothing and now all yard is covered by leaves. So I decided to take some tools for growing peas and beans and to clean my dirty yard with somekind of lightweight and designed to also handle inflating and deflating tasks around the house. I am still reading reviews at website about theese tools
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