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Discussion in 'Hip Photos' started by Manolao, May 13, 2004.

  1. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    hey... look here... I was at a peace demonstration to save the hippie community "christiania" here in Copenhagen.. and on the website of the demonstration I found this!
    it is me... in the right middle... with all those colored stuff around!! :p

  2. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    ... by the way..

    the writing says "stop kampen - frigiv hampen"

    which means "stop fighting - hemp free giving" :D
  3. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    Could you update me on what's happening in Christiana? I heard about it some time ago, but I'm not sure what's happened there.
  4. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    yeah i was wondering about christiania too..i heard a little about it but im still dont really know whats going on
  5. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Dude! You just found that on some website? Awesome. I found a picture of the back of my green head once. Cool pics
  6. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    yes.. it is on and I found also this one...

    I am the one on the right with the rainbow peace (pace) flag around the body :)

  7. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    it is a big fight... both political and sometimes physical...

    as u might probably now, christiania was born in 1970 as a "hippie community", occupying an old military area no longer used... then they set up a wonderful free community... re-creating the entire area.. building amazing dreamland-wood house... everything sooo freak in there :)
    they decided to set a self-taxation for everyone... to pay the electricity and water bills from the municipality as a whole entity... and also to have some common money for the expenses... so it became a "social experiment".. blessed by the govern too (which in the 70s was quite different than today.. fortunately!) but now there are so many economical pressures for that area.. is a wonderful place (as big as 164 soccer fields) on the lake/inner see of copenhagen... and many companies wanna destroy all to construct some really high level residential districts... and, moreover, the government is totally intollerant with hemp and hash now.. so there have been many police razia taking away all the stuff from the "pusher street".. where for 30 years there have been some nice shops to buy maryjane derivates... now they do not exist anymore.. I was there just the day after... after they took them down... so sad... they were so beautiful... I guess the chistianitten (inhabitants of christiania) saved one to put in a sort of museum... but still sad... u understand..

    now the situation is critical... I guess they are trying to find a compromise... keep the community alive but free of "drugs"... in this case the government could apparently be fine... BUT there is still all the economical interest behind.. I am pretty afraid.. even though speaking with people living there I got positive answers... let see... and fight!!!

    in few hours there is another demonstration... the very same day of the royal marriage... :)
  8. Harmony_rain

    Harmony_rain Keeper of the Stars

    aawww you are too cute. hehee I know this is more about the fight for the commune but still you look adorable in that picture.
    Freedom for the free!!!
  9. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    thanks harmony rain...I send you a kiss! :)

    by the way... thursday there is a "graffiti action" on the walls of christiania.. to color them even more!!

    and saturday an entire day... warm-up at noon and then all the afternoon and evening.. demonstration, music and concerts... :D
  10. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    why is that pretty girl smiling at you????
  11. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    ehm... which one? :p
  12. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    the one in the green/tan top
  13. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    ah.. actually.. I do not know.. but I guess I was looking at her.. :p

    because she looked a bit like another girl I just met the night before.. but I am not sure she was the same! :)
  14. wolf_at_door

    wolf_at_door Senior Member

    I think we must build a new Christiania, o'lao-man. The community of Christiania has already been destroyed by the system, and it will never be the same anymore.
    (but a good picture indeed, btw).

  15. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    hey dude, what do u mean??? how is the situaiton there? is it still there? or they phisically destroyed houses and all the beautiful gardens????? I am really worried!!!!
  16. Donna

    Donna ***BABUSKA***

    hey manolao,nice look so cute...kiss:)
  17. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    you sweetie!! all these Christiania demo were so cool... many groovy good souls...
  18. Donna

    Donna ***BABUSKA***

    I don't suspect...:)
  19. wolf_at_door

    wolf_at_door Senior Member

    no, no, no, my brother. Christiania will not be completely bulldozed as first planned. But the soul of Christiania flew somewhere else from the first day Christiania started to negotiate with the government. The anarchist spirit of Christiania can never die, but it just don't exist at Christiania anylonger. Christiania has becomed too institutionalized. Christianias soul is to be found in the social experiments people do at other places everyday; the government already suceeded to drain Christiania for life, long time ago.
    Well, yes Pusherstreet don't exist anylonger, and there are apparently police something like 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It's like a military occupation. :( uptill 100 businessmen from Pusherstreet has been arrested (to the folks who don't know: only hash is allowed by the community of Christiania, no hard drugs). But the sale has not becomed smaller. It has just spread to the rest of Copenhagen.
    The police has control over Christiania nowadays, but now and then, fights with stones, empty bottles etc. between some angry inhabitans and police breaks loose. It's not good conditions to develop and practise a philosophy of peace and love within, at all. :(
  20. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    yes... I remember it... it was indeed a brutal sad experience lying in the small park with the big runic stone and watch flocks of 6-7 policemen passing by.. puahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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