paxil vs. wellbutrin

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by nerdayasian, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. nerdayasian

    nerdayasian Member

    which one is more effective.?
  2. seeingblind

    seeingblind Member

    different strokes for different folks fromwat ive heard however wellbutrin has had better results i am not a docter however im a retard
  3. If your talking about legitimate use.... Wellbutrin makes you feel like shit.
    If your talking about getting high... Wellbutrin makes you feel like shit.... times 10

    I've never been on paxil, but I'm supposed to be taking wellbutrin. I stopped taking it because it makes me feel like shit. I can remember a couple days when I was walking home, I noticed I was feeling pretty good. So I started wondering "why today am I feeling good" and then I remembered that I didn't take my wellbutrin. My friend was on wellbutrin and he felt the same way when as I did----> like shit!

    But basicaly it does depend on the person. I felt like shit when I was on wellbutrin, but some guy walking down the street might feel like he just got layed every second of the day if hes on it.

    All depends on the person.

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