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    You came to me this morning in a dream, as you somewhat often do
    I felt the smoothness of your stomach, heard your voice, and laughed with you.
    Despite the many years and many miles, the music and the smiles.
    You haunt me still, and always will. My brother Paul
    When I saw your face I knew, and soon you felt it too.
    I feel you still and always will. My brother Paul

    I walked away in silence, But I never let you go
    We've both gotton what we asked for, But deep inside I know
    Whether friend, or lover, or funky cosmic brother
    I love you still and always will. My dearest Paul

    Our seperate lives it seems, cannot escape our dreams
    We are where we need to be, But I'll carry you with me
    Through space and time, and verse, and rhyme, I'ts you I find.

    Till next time,
    My brother Paul
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    The first stanza really got me, but it seems the last stanza is a little unnecessary...

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