part one

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SillyGreenMeep, May 24, 2006.

  1. I've been living day to day,
    only waiting to play late at night
    with a friend from across the hall
    in a drafty stairway,
    where chalk covers the walls
    we sit and trade
    sound for sound
    escaping our souls
    telling each other stories without words
    sharing each others sorrow, anger, and joy
    through harmony as best we can...
    with limited ability.
    Its all beautiful jsut the same.
    The best therapy I've encountered:
    when i feel the need for arms to hold me
    I hold my own guitar
    I can't change the way things are.
    But I can slow down my mind
    and react more slowly
    with reason and honesty
    over feeling.
  2. part two: Last night a third sould joined our party,
    drifting back adn forth
    out of view from my position on the stairs
    as if he was scared for me to see him
    I heard him play: he decided to stay
    until early in the morning.
    he would not play his own songs for me
    embarrased by his ability? no.
    just afraid to share a piece unfinished
    I have felt the same way before.
    I went back to my room, and he followed.
    Only a week ago we were not speaking
    in more than "hello"'s
    and now he peeks his head into my room every night
    Like some light shifted and I'm seen differently
    He used to talk down to me
    Maybe I've evolved.
    He chooses my company over everyone ont he floor
    and i leave my door open.
    This is strange to me.
    He stayed until four, sharing ideas and music, nothing more.
  3. part three:

    Another shift in my world,
    David peeks his head in my door and blows me a kiss
    he asks "why don't we hang out more?"
    I can hear megan and Kylee shouting my name
    beckoning me to join them.
    who are these people, who am i?
    When did i become a popular one?
    When did I make friends?
    Real ones this time, I'm scared to come home:
    to be alone.
    I guess I'll spend more time with my guitar
    and try to forget that you are only 40 miles away
    not far. I only want to interrupt my own life from this point on
    unless I'm called upon
    I love you
    that's how I've been. How are you?

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