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    Any1 know any good places to park in Amsterdam? By good I mean somewhere thats cheap(or even free), somewhere the car won't get stolen or broken into and my final wish is somewhere you can park and not get towed away. I don't think this place exists but if any of you good people know different please let me know.
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    hmm best bet is to avoid driving into the centre.
    A few hotels, the more expensive sort sometimes offer Parking permits.

    I lifted this off the net for you
    Parking in the garages of Bijenkorf (Dam) is available for up to 487 cars. The rates are following: the first 3 hours 1,40 per 30 minutes; one hour before and one houre after the store opening EUR 1,60 per 30 minutes; then EUR 1,40 per 30 minutes which is also a night rate.

    This is for Bijenkorf departmen store on Dam square, I dont think you are going to find free parking in amsterdam, whenever i go i see tonnes of cars with clamps on.

    Im sure some of the dam regulars like koopa might know of some places.
  3. Larry

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    What you want is the P+R option at::

    For EUR 5.50 per 24 hour period you park in a guarded lot and get 2 roundtrip bus or train tickets to the Centrum. Be sure to follow the rules exactly or you'll get charged the EUR 15 daily rate. I like the lot at Sloterdijk rail station which is only 1 stop away from Centraal Station on the train.
  4. PlasticFace

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    Cheers fellas.

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