Parents and hitchhiking

Discussion in 'All in the Family' started by Living Corpse, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Okay, I am 18 years old, and i still with my parents. I have wanted to hitchhike and visit various communes, some friends and some rainbow gatherings for a long time. However, when i bring up the subject, they get upset. My mother cries, and my father rants, listing a bunch of bizzaare ways i would end up getting killed, ruin my life and somehow become a crack addicted ass slave. I plan on leaving this saturday, and i have already explained to them my plans. They are still upset even after i told them that i would call them as much as i can through any pay phone i come across.

    Its been 2 days since i have announced my plans, and my father just acts sarcastic around me, and my mother is trying to be extra motherly, which feels even more constraining. I must go on this journey, and i have pretty much made my decision.

    But one thing holds me back, i feel bad for putting my mother through this pain, i do love her, but at the same time, I cant just live my life to fit her comfort. Is there any way i can somehow lessen the blow when i actually leave? or is a whole lot of drama inevitable?

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    My parents did the same thing years ago. They just have to let go and let you do your thing. Give your parents a call from the road just to let them know you are OK. For us parents it's often hard letting go period. My 17 y/o daughter just went on her first road trip. She was travelling by car with some friends and I still couldn't help but to worry, and still had her call when the got to their first stop.

    So stay in touch with them. Even if they still bitch about the whole thing when you call it will still mean the world to them.
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    Yes, that was my case also. My mum was still scared about me, cos I´m a girl and everything could happen. So I was 20 (!!!) and still have problems with her constraining and excessive approach. There was problems when I was out with my friends, etc. and now imagine that I made a decision to travel with my boyfriend by hitchhike through the half of Europe. And it was my first time behind confines, cos our family had never travel. I´m not going to talk about her reactions, but however I love her I packed my things and went on the road for a month. And she had to aimed to had no worry. Statedly, I called her or sent some SMS. And when I came back, she was OK and from this moment, she hasn´t got a problem with it. She accustom oneself and I travel still a lot. She understood that she can´t hold her "safety hands on me" forever, she can advise, but that´s all. And that´s good.

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