Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by I_Am_A_Robot, May 29, 2004.

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    is there a way you can tell if someone put ammonia or some house chemical or some shit like that. i had this bud and it was wicked hard and sticky and it hurt my throat. but i dont know.
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    I've never really heard of someone putting cleaning products in pot. It's like, why would you want to?
  3. twoseeeyes

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    Incorrectly cured. It emitts a chemical-like smell. I gotten shit like that once, I thought it was laced with chemicals too, but my more experienced friend said it was from being improperly dried or cured.
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    I remember back when I was 16 me and a few friends skipped school and we chipped in to buy a half ounce. We met this new dealer who lived down by the river and he gave us a good deal on one.
    We got back to my friend Erics and we rolled up about 6 joints and passed them around to the 6 of us. We rolled up 6 more we smoked them but half way into it Ryan, Adam and I stopped smoking. Soon Tasha and Kyler stopped. I looked at Ryan and I said "I've honestly never felt this high off pot before man!" he says "same!". We have had even bigger sessions than that it was just this weed was insane. We look over at Eric from the window and he's outside all by himself still smoking. He comes running in the house, runs to the bathroom and started puking and talking gibberish. He had both his hands closed tightly and he kept telling us he couldn't open his hands and he keeps hearing noises and other people who aren't even around.

    We were considering like "wow...maybe we should get him some help!" but I gave him some water and got him a little something to eat. He's fine about 20 minutes later! He's so high he doesn't even remember that happening. We asked the dealer the next day what the hell was in that stuff because we've never felt anything like it and apparently he gave us the wrong batch and he cut the stuff with cocaine.
    *I highly doubt this dealer cut the stuff with cocaine but he could have been telling the truth he was a man about in his 40s dealing to high school kids nearby and he stopped really talking to us after that happened*
    I still think to this day that weed must have just been sprayed by some sort of kitchen cleaner. It's weird because it smelled the same, looked the same, burned the same. No differences that we saw and that really shocked us.
    I really don't know what the hell was actually in that stuff.
    Has anything like that ever happen to anybody before?? :confused:
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    The smell of ammonia in reference to marijuana is a direct effect of buds that have become moldy in the curing process.Worthless they are when this occurs!

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