pancakes without eggs, sugar or milk

Discussion in 'Breakfast' started by ugali, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Put flower in a blender. Add water. Press the button on the blender until the flour and water turns into a pulp. The pulp should look like the original pancake pulp that has eggs, milk and flour in it. You might want to add more water here or more flour there.

    Heat up a pan. Put very little oil in the pan. Pour some of the pancake pulp into the pan. Pick up the pan and turn it around so that the pancake pulp reaches all sides of the pan. Then the pulp should be hard. It should also have the shape of the base of the pan. In other words the pulp should be more or less a pancake by then. When the pancake is cooked on one side take a spoon and turn the pancake on to the other side. When the pancake is fully cooked on the other side, put the pancake on a plate. You should have some more pancake pulp left. Cook the next bit of pulp the same way that you cooked the last one; then the next one etc. At some point your pulp should be finished and you should be left with a pile of pancakes.

    Here is a word of advice. Eat the pancake with lots of jam or chocolate spread. The reason for this is that a pancake that was cooked without eggs or sugar will be very tasteless if you eat it on its own. Original pancakes however have enough taste to eat on its own (at leased that’s my opinion). This sort of meal is made for those that have hardly any food left at home. I hardly have food at home, but I usually have a bag of flour, water of course and some jars of jam to spare.

    Second word of advice: Don’t stir the pancake pulp, but let the blender do the job. If you try to stir it with a spoon or a whisk then the pulp of water and flour will be turn out very lumpy. In other words, you won’t be able to cook it very well.
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    um, doesn't flour and water make glue? I remember doing that in gradeschool. I'm a bit too old to eat glue.

    If you want vegan pancakes, you can always substitute apple sauce for eggs, and soy milk for regular milk.

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