Pain Level On Nipple Piercings?

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by thereflexdylan, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. genevabee

    genevabee Guest

    Well I got my clit and nipples peirced. I'm a girl. I think the nipples hurt alot more. I actually spasmed when they were doing it.
  2. genevabee

    genevabee Guest

    Well I got my clit and nipples peirced. I'm a girl. I think the nipples hurt alot more. I actually spasmed when they were doing it.
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  3. stonedhearted

    stonedhearted Member

    It's not too bad, and it lasts for a second. I would say about 6/10.
    And I had to get one nipple repierced three times because I wasn't happy with it.
    The pain wasn't increased at all.
  4. charmell

    charmell Visitor

    OK I got my nipples pierced yesterday so now one nipple burn when I twist it and move what going on
  5. iriegnome

    iriegnome Member

    I've had mine done for about 15 years now. Actually, that has been broken up by a ripped one. Infected one, improper placed one and a removal and redo. All in all, my right nipple has been pierced 4 times. Left only once. For me, it was the average pain of any of my 11 piercings I have had. None really hurt very bad. A bit of burning and pain, but not much
  6. RubySoho6

    RubySoho6 Organized Chaos

    Piercing took a second and I dont really remember the pain. It wasnt that bad. The aftercare is what sucked. Huge pain in the ass.
  7. xlMatteolx

    xlMatteolx New Member

    Im a male, and recently got both of mine done. Pain is for sure intense, but very, very quick. Id say 7.5/10 but only for 2-4 seconds. I would say my pain threshold is pretty low as well (for example a few places i have tattoos i thought hurt a lot worse than when comparing them with friends pain levels). After reading this feed you will see its near impossible to gauge how bad it is. All the research i did said "it will hurt a lot more for males", but aside from about a days worth of bare-able soreness this piercing is a cakewalk (for me!). It hurt when they were pierced, but its so quick and intense your adrenaline kicks in quick and you dont feel it that long at all. I believe my tongue was by far worse in terms of post-piercing soreness. I got mine done around 5pm, and by 1 or 2 in the morning i didn't feel them at all when i was at a bar. I've now had them over a week, and they are perfectly fine. Still not ok to play with, and im super strict about touching and cleaning them, but i feel no pain, and not much soreness whatsoever. They are sore when I clean them, but leaving them alone and letting them breathe i have no issues. I read about "crusties" and ive only had them right after it was pierced. Never again had any (just showing that i am not getting much of a "normal body reaction" and EVERYONE'S BODY IS DIFFERENT) In my opinion the pros faaaar outweigh the cons. Bactine definitely helps at first, since its an anti-bacterial and has a slight numbing agent. Saline soaks before cleaning seem to do wonders. Soak and clean as often as you can at first. Another huge factor is your piercing artist and their experience. My artist is great at what he does, and gave me great advice. Told me what to expect, whats normal, whats not, etc. I think that went a long way in the initial piercing and especially in aftercare.
  8. lovelyfoxes

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    I've had several piercings but all I have left now are my half inch spacers in my ears. The piercing that hurt the most but only for a moment was the septum for me anyways but I had both nipples and yep it hurt haha, of course it did but it wasnt liek the septum or labret
  9. I'm a woman, and had my nipples pierced when I was 23, and for some reason they never healed! They would gush pus and hurt like hell, no matter what I did! I tried for well over a year to get them to work, but in the end, it was just too painful and too frustrating to deal with any longer. I adored them while I had them though, they looked so pretty; but it just was not worth it on any level.

    Most painful piercing to get, bar none. I screamed it hurt so bad, but my nipples have always been super sensitive. Every muscle in my body lurched when I got them done, so full body muscle spasm to deal with for hours afterwards. My body was in full-on shock after getting them too. I barely remember most of the events that followed. I shouldn't have been driving, but I made it home safe, in excruciating pain. Will never get those again!

    I've heard from several other women and piercers as well, that nipple piercings have a tendency not to heal, no matter how diligent you are with caring for them. I know at least 4 women who had the exact same thing that happened with me, happen to them.
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  10. sickgirl

    sickgirl Member

    You know, I felt absolutely no pain when I had my right nipple pierced! I was shocked. I guess I have a high tolerance of pain!
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  11. OceanStar

    OceanStar Member

    The first one was OK, the second was really painful. It felt like the needle was going so freaking slowly.
  12. Mine were bothering me when I would take off a shirt or whilst getting dressed so I took them out. It wasn't so much that they hurt, though initially there was some discomfort. But they were getting caught on the edges of my undershirts, t-shirts etc., such that it had my attention. I guess I didn't want them bad enough. I sort of copied someone else's nipple piercings, lol! So that's probably why I didn't really like them. They were diagonal like \ and /, but less vertical. Anywho...
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  13. Friar Turk

    Friar Turk Dankin' and Tankin'

    have been thinking about a cock ring for a long time
  14. magickman

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    think I'm gonna get my ear done again, and one in the side of my nose (loop style).
  15. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I remember my tongue piercings hurting a lot more than my nipple, but I had 3 piercings all done at once and couldn't talk for days.
  16. Addicted2MEN

    Addicted2MEN New Member

    I am a male and have both nipples pierced and I can tell you that it is the most pain you will feel in 3 seconds
  17. His Eden

    His Eden Queen of Mean

    I think the clamps to hold the nipple still, and guide the needle hurt worse than the needle itself. They burned for while afterwards (holding a pillow to the chest helped), especially in cold weather. I took mine out after about a year, because one had pierced a milk duct and never healed correctly. They looked good, but were inconvenient. I think the gauge you choose, how sensitive your nipples are, how active you are, and how skilled the piercing technician is, all play a part in the experience and level of discomfort
  18. fem_fatale

    fem_fatale Member

    I have both nipples done. They hurt super bad actually! I love them now though. It feels really really good to play with them. Well worth the initial discomfort .
  19. I had both nipples pierced about 3 weeks ago. It was very painful but very quick pain. The aftercare has been okay so far, and I'm super happy with how they look!
  20. fem_fatale

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