Paid Gig for cartoon "Eddie Emu" emu farmers newsletter

Discussion in 'Art' started by smilingprints, Jun 4, 2004.

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    Subject: Paid Gig. Artist For Emu Newsletter (Really)
    Comments: Dear Member Artists, I'm Rick London and am the writing half of a cartoon ( We've been contracted for about a year with EPMI Emu Farms 3-4 panel cartoon for their monthly newsletter titled "Eddie Emu". The pay is no more than a stipend ($35 per cartoon) (not to worry, I only get $35 worth of emu meat in a barter worth about $15). They are very reliable, however, and one never has to worry about getting paid. (monthly). I write the concepts and copy, and assign the cartoon. We are losing our current illustrator who has been doing it a year (to school) and the opening is immediate. Some perks (above the $35) is that we generally post them on our very busy website and you get to put your credit on the top of the cartoon. Also, it has led to numerous other much larger paying jobs; bookcovers, web graphics, etc., and excellent exposure. So I've kept the contract for that reason. plus they are very nice guys. If you are interested, please contact me at and I'll send you the info. I look forward to hearing and good luck. Deadline is June 8 for July's cartoon so, if interested, don't put it on the back burner. It's not much, but its assured monthly. Sincerely, Rick London Londons Times Cartoons ps: Please send a link where I can see your work. Thanks
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    I sent an email about this, did you receive it?

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