PA to WA, OR, CA... Leaving tomorrow night!!

Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by femmetyrant, Jul 17, 2013.

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    I am leaving tomorrow night from Bucks CO, PA en route to Olympia, WA. I am planning to spend a week there in my rental (last month there), poke around Seattle, then dip down through CA all the way south... head back east around the middle of August or so... I am looking for someone to take the trip at least a good leg of the way to save on travel expenses and my sanity...

    You MUST...
    Be a decent, honest, adventurous, awesome person
    At least be able to tolerate 90s rock
    Love dogs
    Have at least several hundred dollars in your pocket... when you can no longer pay for gas, there's your stop...
    Be able to drive long distances
    Have a driver's license
    Not mind sleeping in a VW Beetle
    Like bars
    Not mind me practicing my fiddle (I'm new to it)
    Travel light

    If this is you, please send a picture of yourself or Facebook profile link, your travel plans, and a message confirming you meet this description via email.

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