P.L.V.'s Death

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by chica17, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Flowing tears.
    Greatest fears.

    Worst pain.
    No sanity gained.

    So hurtful.
    His place so wonderful.

    In God's realm now.
    Or maybe turned into a meow-meow?

    Cry like the rain.
    Was I ever really sane?

    Love you always.
    Miss you for many days.

    In loving memory,
    I will always miss you, see?
  2. Lozi

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    i'm not sure if i get it yet...

    *reads again*

    the simplistic way you wrote this is cool coz it leaves it open for anyones individual interpretation. could be someone dead or just missing/lost perhaps. the 'meow-meow' bit kinda hints hidden pain and regression into self... reincarnation? *hugs* good writing.
  3. imaflake

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    Hmmm... I don't really understand it. I like the way it wasn't overly wordy though. Keep up the good work

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