Oxycodone showing up on standard drug tests????

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by SwiRly, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Smitty25

    Smitty25 Senior Member

    Jesus dude, can you listen to yourself?
  2. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member


    I know what i posted.
  3. Smitty25

    Smitty25 Senior Member

    Do you?
    I don't have it out for you.
    You just happen to be someone who's posts I frequently disagree with.
    Your post claiming I have a small penis, and then claiming I'm the one with male ego issues is beyond funny to me. You then tell me to grow up :rolleyes:.
  4. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

    If you say so Smitty.

    I said Male ego issues often stem from this.
  5. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

    Telling me to GTFO cos i try to give someone some sensible advice isn't just disagreeing it's rude and immature.

    'Yeah brah'
  6. Smitty25

    Smitty25 Senior Member

    You seem to fail to understand that there is always someone like you in the opiate section for some unknown reason.
    Certain people come in here, and provide absolutely zero useful information, and all they have to say is that the person asking a question should just stop their opiate use.
    You aren't being sensible. You're pushing your own ideals, but seem to have been unable to control yourself with ketamine.
    That deserves a "fuck off", so get to it.
  7. p0rkch0p

    p0rkch0p Member

  8. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

    I don't suffer withdrawals and try to get round drug testing. If you can't even quit during that you clearly need help.

    I don't think you give a shit about the person and probably cos you were too addicted and couldn't quit drugs while you were being drug tested.

    I'm glad there's always someone like me in this section, Opiates destroy many lives why is my quit advice any worse than anyone elses? I'm not 'pushing' anything i SUGGESTED the idea. You just twist what i say your posts are bullshit you should look out for people not just tell them straight how to get around not being caught when they're already being tested due to their problematic use.

    Can you not make a post without swearing at someone, grow up little boy. Honestly you're telling people to shut up when we clearly care a lot more about the person than you.
  9. Smitty25

    Smitty25 Senior Member

    In our whole little "argument" that was the first time I think I swore at you by quoting something you said I'd say, and I believe you're the one that started the childish insults here (maybe you should re read your posts fool). I do not twist anything around I just repeat some of the ignorant things you say, and disagree with them.
    You have no idea why this dude is even on probation, and people find ways to do even non addictive drugs on probation.
    LOL What's the difference between pushing an ideal and suggesting it multiple times?
    You also seem to have no idea what being dope sick is. Dude needed something to stop his withdrawl.
    I'm sure he's heard plenty of idiots like yourself tell him what he's doing wrong, but maybe you should look at yourself, and figure out all the ways you're failing.
    Post another ignorant reply, and we can keep going forever :smoking:.

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