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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by RxHEAD, Dec 31, 2004.

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    Can anyone tell me how long the withdrawals are from oxycodone? Not cold turkey...I been taking 6--10/325 day at least 2 months. 2 days ago had to drop to about 1 a day....I have been so, well feel like death. Get new in 5d, have enough 1day.

    How long will this last? Any thing to take to coast trough till then? benz? amph? would be help?

  2. Ya gotta learn to plan ahead, and resist the temptation to pop one every 2 hours. I have the same problem, that I don't mind the euphoric effects. I'm on oxycodone for chronic pain. Maybe look around for a short-term supply, or find some pods and make tea, or if you're near the Canadian border, get some aspirin w/ codeine to help stave off w/d. Avoid amphetamines like the plague; they're anti-hip.
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    Thanx, I'm on for chronic pain as well. Only was on Brand Percocet 10/325 only they switched me (insurance) to plain white generic oxycodone 10/325. Never really had trouble with brand. Rx for 1 or 2 every 4-6 hours and with the generic I think they are weaker and I was taking more often. My MD said something of did not know they were not paying for Brand. Wondering if there is a difference in the two?

    Thanks for the advice...
  4. I've heard otheres say they noticed a difference between generic and brand but if there is it's too subtle for me. You might be building up a bit of a tolerance, which is typical and nothing to worry about if your Doc understands how these meds work. You might want to taper to 3/4 tab instead of 1 and start stockpiling, but tell your Doc that 10 mg. is marginal and you might need to go up to 12.5 or 15 mg per dose. Obviously don't let your doc know you've tapered down a bit. After a while you'll have a nice little stash. I'm investigating pods but the best site for info, poppies.org, isn't taking any new registrations so it's difficult to find out the best vendors for new flower arrangers like me.
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    Yea I think it could be tolerance as first off starting out taking up to (5) Lortabs day then they stopped helping the pain after about 3 months.
    So they started me first and now on the oxycodone (2) 10/325's q 4-6h and limit of 6 per day last two months. So picking up scripts of #180 oxycodone per month.
    So today my appointment only 1/2 left and appt date office had utility outage and closed I was freaking the F out.
    LOL....was wondering how many other of the patients they would have seen were also freaking and dt's besides me. They pack us in the waiting room like cattle as it is.
    Figured they also knew as they contact said all paitents from the day would have emergency X # days called in....I was down on my knees and tearing up the house looking all over the place I was rambling madly and felt like an animal searching and dumping out tins and baskets and drawers, under the bed all over.

    Finally it was ready I must stash when get full script you are so right never go that road again. It was like what i said felt like an animal out for prey.

  6. Yeah, I believe the key to successful pain management is to always have at least a 5 day supply on hand for emergencies. I'm evidently not too tolerant, and opioids evidently work VERY well for me, because after about 5-1/2 years I'm only at around 50-60 mg./day. I'm attempting to investigate flower arranging with pods, but I don't know of a good vendor and poppies.org isn't taking any new registrations. So, if anyone knows the relative merits of , say, Tasmanian vs. Turkish pods. I'd appreciate a PM.

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