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    I have been feeling like this, or leading up to this, for some time now. Modern life has just become way too stressful and overwhelming for me. I don't even want to put up with people some days, and frankly I wonder why I should. I live alone and I don't need to work, so there is really no reason for me to have to go deal with people. Also I have my animals for company, so I know I'll never get lonely. Does anyone else feel like this?
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  2. I'm a troll

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    there's definitely days that i would be happier to not deal with people. although a lot of times i do enjoy being out in public and people watching without actually interacting with anyone.

    unfortunately, i do need to work, so there goes that whole idea anyway.
  3. I agree with @I'minmyunderwear on being out. I like seeing all the people even though I honestly don't like them very much on a more personal level. I think it's healthy to be sociable. So I go walking at the mall (also to try and keep fit). And I feel better afterwards even though, as I mentioned, I probably don't particularly care for anyone on a more personal level.
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    Ohh I feel like the OP a lot and even though I'm quite social these days and seem to thrive from it, there's definitely days I bunker down at home and avoid everyone while I play with my rabbits and dog.

    To me seems like you need to find some intetests and passions, but passions that drive you into the social mix with other enthusiasts.
  5. Running Horse

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    Other people are overrated
  6. The human race consists of nice people, who choose solitude, and fucking assholes, who need affirmation in social settings.

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