Out OF Body Experience Or Dream?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Rockstock2004, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Rockstock2004

    Rockstock2004 Member

    Ok first of all, I have these experience ALOT. For example, when I close my eyes, and I have to be on my back to do this. I wake up sometimes, not being able to move. My body feels numb all over, but I can still see, not hear, nor talk. I can move, but i cant see my body moving. its if im out of it somehow. Last time this happend was last weekend, sleeping with my gf. I had my arm around her, i was on my back, she was sleeping on my chest. I remember, waking up to that same numb, vibration feeling in my head, and body. I saw her sleeping, and just screamed for her to wake me up. I wanted to be awake, I hate going through this. I jerked really hard, and flew up, startling her. I was scared. I couldn't breathe until I came back into reality, almost like this Out of body dream was trying to kill me. So what do you think this experience is im having. Ill also note, that everything is how I saw it when i have this. dog sleeping next to me, girlfriend sleeping on me, lights on or off, its all the same when I have this vision thing. Dream or not?
  2. Moving_cloud

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    Hi Rockstock2004

    here is an idea ... maybe it does not really matter how you call it. It is still an experience. It helps you to change, and in this you are not limited.

    So who knows, maybe next time you just love it.

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

  4. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    What's happening to you is called Sleep Paralysis. It doesn't affect your health or anything, but it is scary. At least for me it is. Go to google and type in sleep paralysis and you should find a lot of good information.
  5. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

  6. Rockstock2004

    Rockstock2004 Member

    Thanks I read about Sleep Paralysis, and Its saying you can't move. I can walk around the room during this after a while. It's really scary. Nowhere am I seeing you can move during this, yet I am moving, BUT cannot see my body. It's thin air, but i could put my hand in front of my face, and see nothing.
  7. do a little research into astral projection...even if your not projected it shouldnt be hard in that kind of state...and dont be scared, its an amazing expireince
  8. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    It's the result of a hypnogogic state, which is the state of consciousness before one enters a pure sleep state. The hypnogogic state causes a temporary paralysis so one doesn't start walking around in their sleep and harm themselves. Sleepwalking occurs when the hypnogogic paralysis state is bypassed. This is also the state in which lucid dreaming and out of body experiences occur. Sometimes it's not uncommon to feel a presence or a type of communication between some unseen entity.
  9. i had a similar experience like this, i was dreaming ( i think ) and my spirit or soul left the bed - my conscious went with it- thats where my head was and i walked around and saw myself sleeping in bed-when i got back in bed it was almost like i felt my soul going back into my body. very strange indeed.
  10. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    ah, I had a theory that u might of been swallowing ur tounge and actually dieing and actually having an out of body expeirience, but now the theory doesent sound rite...
  11. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy


    bit of a cynic me , sounds like a load of ............ but there are stranger things i suppose.

    Does the actual amount of 'substance' that makes up 'you' increase or decrease .. you have to be stealing somekinda 'substance' from somewere .

    Whats the point...higher inner learning or some nonsense like that.(no offence)

    possibly chakras http://www.spiritual.com.au/articles/astral/astralp4_rbruce.htm

    the more i look the less i beleive.
  12. the expeirence is difficult to explain but can be increadibly spiritual...a skill definatly worth practicing.
    the point?...depends on your intentions i guess...for me its about spiritual progression...finding my higher self.

    your entiteled to belive astral travel is a load....but i would encourage you to open your mind to the possiblility a bit before dissmising it.
  13. purcolekraze

    purcolekraze Member

    That has happened to me.
  14. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    I probably have experianced astral projection ... but not at will.. i am being honest... i have many strange 'episodes' its not the physical experiance i question just the mysticism behind it...maybe because i don't want to find a higher plain... i just chalk it up to not enough sleep .

    Did you understand what i was getting at with ...how energy is 'shared' ... i am running out of words to articulate what i mean...if this sounds unfathomable then don't worry..
  15. hmmm...i think i know what your speaking of.
    the book "the celestine prophesy" talks alot about this energy. (its a fictious story but the spiritual implications are spot on) and how we humans subconcously try to manipulate others for this energy by draining it from them...thats where the power struggle comes from. is that what you mean by shared energy?

    the universe has an unlimited supply of this energy though...if only you tap into it through things like meditation...but before we can reach our potential we must recognize in what ways we aquire this energy from others and stop that kind of behavior...and instead gain our strength in a more spiritual way.
    i think astral projection can be quite a positive way of gaining "energy"
  16. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    With what you have said and this...

    We are multidimensional entities who experience, and exist, in many frequency levels of consciousness. While we are in third dimension we are using our physical body to experience, our emotional body to work on issues, and our mental body to understand and make many decisions.

    So you think the universe has an unlimited resource of energy that can be used..can this energy be re-used. I always thought that there was a finite amount of energy in the universe...it is just recycled. This is what (i think) i was asking. My point of view is that 'extra' energy has to come from somewere as it is all being used for something then were does the extra come from that allows a manifestation to occur.

    I think to try and answer myself , we have energy that is is used for this purpose and this purpose alone so we won't become 'weak'. 'stealing' or aquiring 'extra' makes the experince more intense.

    Its a very complicated scenario..for me to fathom. not being in any way spiritual.

    My 'episodes' have occured at night while i thought i was asleep.

    And another time , when i hyper ventilated (a silly game at school).

    And a few times on LSD. does this count or is that all a completly diffrent experiance...???
  17. Meeshka Chaukinov

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    What you are experiencing definitely sounds like an ususual form of sleep paralysis. I've undergone that a couple times, and it is definitely scary as shit. Ironically, i bought the album el cielo by dredg just before it happened the first time, and the entire linear notes are about sleep paralysis. anywho, that's my opinion.

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