Out of all of the drug poems I've written, this one is the most depressing

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Trip the Fortune Cookie, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Most of my drug-related poems are much happier, and much funnier.
    No one knows she's saving face
    She won't let them see her cry
    They can't see her state of misery
    They don't know she wants to die

    She smokes the weed to stifle tears
    She's a cadet from outer space
    She smokes with everyone she can
    She's trying to save face

    She saves her coke for weekends
    And her Adderall for school
    She manages to hide the high
    She tries to play the fool

    Somehow they all believe her
    Oblivious to her pain
    She hates the happiness they feel
    She has nothing left to gain

    Depression is her lover
    With whom she sleeps at night
    Narcotics are her rapists
    But she has no will to fight

    No one sees the wounds
    She hides within her heart
    She smiles and pushes onward
    She just wants to play the part

    Oxycodone, Seroquel
    And Valium for her mood
    Uppers downers, in between
    It's worth it to feel good

    She's numb to all that's positive
    She's lost to time and place
    She tries to pay attention
    She's trying to save face
  2. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

    I love it. That's really touching.
  3. Why thank you. I prefer prose to poetry, but most of my poetry is more along the humor genre.
  4. Tremendous stuff, man. Could hardly have been said better, I think.
  5. spirit of the night

    spirit of the night Senior Member

    wow, it is beautiful and tragic, very very well written. I love it, excellent :)
  6. Thanks for the compliments. =]

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