Our Price Stands

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by InTheFlesh, Jun 4, 2004.

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    "Our Price Stands"
    Melting faces torn in cases, running water gets much hotter,
    I can find you with my mind, nobody is that kind,
    Amounts of torture please her, how much torture can we endure?
    Stars behind cell bars, the moon is blocked by cars,
    We can buy fancy jewels, and break all the rules,
    Or we can smash in a window, be the beer bellied fools.
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    I've read this a few times now...it's fascinating. I have interpreted it in my own way, which maybe you didn't intend so I'll keep it to myself, but the poem has a great impact....I love it. I love the contemporary madness it conveys...cars blocking out the moon, stars behind bars (I took this to mean stars as in celebritie, maybe you didn't), beer bellied fools...this to me speaks to the tabloid reading population....
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    tulsa, eh? *shudders* frantic, like a manic dr. suess. bitchin. haha!

    much love :)

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