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    there is a huge difference between smoking weed to expand your mind or, perhaps, making life worth living and smoking to be cool and 'rebelious' (I believe it was the band Cake who said "excess aint rebellion"). Sure, you can say that lots of people smoke weed but lots of people do it for all the wrong reasons which is why i avoid going to parties as much as possible.

    when you say that people go to parties in order to get laid and expand their minds, I have to diagree. Most of my school's parties end up being a bunch of obnoxious, rich popular kids yelling loudly "man, im so fucked up!"

    It could be that I'm just not being exposed to the right people but in my opinion the human race as a whole is as close minded (or open minded) as we'll ever be.
  2. I don't smoke weed because I want to expand my mind.

    I smoke weed because I enjoy being high.

  3. Your definately not hanging around the right people. I am one of those Tokers who does it cos its the only thing that helps calm my head down and i can process everything at a resonable pace. I see so many goin out and doing it just because their friends do it. It pisses me off. There is no respect for what they are doing(its so they can be one of the gang).
    Dont get me wrong, i dont sit inside and get stoned on my own but i do ensure im around people i like and respect.

    The human race puts up one big front. They(the high majority of everyone) plods along through life, just accepting that it has to be the way everyone else thinks it should be. We("the select few")are a high majority of a high majority that feel something has to be done, but do not express it as it should be expressed, for the fear of society looking down on us.

    We are our own enemies.

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