Ottawa gathering May 12!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by fi_J, May 8, 2004.

  1. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    Just a reminder to anyone in ottawa that several of us had agreed to get together Wednesday May 12 @7:30pm at Bridgehead in the Glebe (3rd Ave. at Bank St.)

    Everyone welcome!!

    Give us an idea who's coming... leave your rsvp here!

    Take care,
  2. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    are there any ottawa folks back on the forums yet??

    am i going to end up at bridgehead all alone next week?

    108 Third Ave. (link to map)

    hope to see someone there!!
  3. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    oops. i mean this week!! (where does the time go?)

  4. Besides i'm youngest anyway, good idea thought for the gathering because it gets you thinking,

    I'm in barrhaven but sometimes i end up in kanata, orleans and etc to pick up things from all over the area.

    i wonder what if i bump into you without actualy knowing its you, or better yet sometimes i head over to the main libary in downtown what if without knowing that person beside me pulling books out from the shlves is someone from the forums.
  5. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    too bad you can't make it thethirdbenjamin... but yeah, how will we know who's hip when we see them? heh. ;)

    how to spot me...
    *chin length, straight red hair.. flips out on one side when it feels like it.
    *5'8" slim chick... sometimes "conventionally" dressed, other times my very own style.
    *when i wear my dm's i'm 2" taller, otherwise i'm probably wearing birks.
    *almost always carry a dark green messenger bag with a yellow and red sun embroidered on the front pocket. (until it falls apart... soon.)
    *often holding a digital camera and pointing it at seemingly random objects.
    *rarely make eye contact with strangers, cuz i'm so shy!

    there... now if you see me, you can run away before it's too late. lol!

    anyway, i'm still planning on showing up at bridgehead... i'll be tired, might only wait around until 7:45pm, especially if no one else shows. maybe i'll print up a hipforums sign to put on the table.

    call me:
  6. Typical gemini, Slim, wears glases, doesn't mine talking here and here but sometimes when i talk i don't make eye contact as my shyness comes into play.

    I have dark hair.

    likes wearing jackets,

    normally crusing by in a black jeep Lareado at around 80km/h on all roads.
    ( i guess i'm one of the hated drivers here in o town)

    What part of town are you around often?? normally i'm in the west from around prince of wales/hunt club - baseline/woodruff all the way to around fallowfield.

    Sometimes i cruise around col. by drive and around the Rideau Canal

    i'm normally in kanata on sundays as i'm part of a hobby group there.

    which part of town are you normally in?? Carleton U (bronson/airport parkway)
  7. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    well... i didn't leave work until after 7:30, and arrived at bridgehead after 7:45... if anyone else actually showed up, i had no way of knowing... except perhaps by asking complete strangers sitting there, but i really didn't have the energy (or the guts) to do it. so i sat in the back and sipped iced tea until about 8. didn't get home until 9:30 (ugh i hate oc transpo!!)

    luckily i'm in the middle of moving into my own little apartment, just west of the glebe. plan to spend a lot more time downtown when i get settled in. i don't go anywhere in kanata, except to grocery stores now. oh and through the little patch of woods, near my parents' house. that little taste of nature keeps me sane.

    i want to explore all the little corners of the glebe and downtown ottawa. so many gems just waiting to be discovered! my apartment is a ten minute walk from dows lake and a 20 minute walk to bank st.

    so that's where you're most likely to find me! oh and i got an all-concert pass for the tulip festival.... most importantly to see hawksley workman on may 21, but if i go to just one other concert i'll get my money's worth. major's hill park is a nice place to go even when there is no festival. apparently there's a drum circle that gathers there summer sundays. other times they are inside at the ottawa arts court. something else i plan to check out.

    i stop blabbing now... i have so much crap to pack it's not funny!
  8. I'm thinking about the one right off of terry fox right across from the mcdonalds, but then again that whould be more of stitsvile now.

    you live off eagleson?? i was orginally going to move to a house right off of appaloosa, right beside a trail and park.

    I agree about what you said about OC transpo, thats why i don't use it, that plus a lot of my coworkers where saying "OC transpo is pretty much useless on sundays."
  9. Hey! well I guess i'm a little to late for this but it's cool to see people from Ottawa here!
  10. fi_J

    fi_J Member

    ahhh we're gradually building up our ranks.

    welcome happy go crazy!

    anyone else going to any tulip festival concerts this weekend?? $15 for one evening, or you can get an all-concert pass for $25 (i got mine early for $20.)
    most importantly, i'm going to see hawksley workman friday night (9:15pm at majors hill park) with a bunch of friends. hawksley puts on a great live show... the radio doesn't do him justice!!
    also hoping to check out the sunday evening shows... some african a cappella group, some indian music, and finishing with a dj who does world beat stuff. just hope it doesn't rain!! (but the show will go on!)

    try for another gathering when a few more ottawans show themselves here.

    preparing to party...
  11. I would love to check it out but today i'm heading off to the mountains in New Hamptire to go for a nice long hike and I won't be back till Monday night probably. I'm gunna take pictures so i'll make sure to post them! :)

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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