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    Is anybody here familiar with the Yoruba religion of Orisha worship? It's suppose to be this African religion that originated in Nigeria, I believe... can anybody clear me up on this topic? Thanks!
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    I've heard of it but am not very familiar about the details...
  3. gesone

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    Thanks anyway. By the way, it's been a long time since I come to the forums. Cer, do you have anymore of those interesting facts you used to post before? If you do I'd appreciate it, they have helped me out in Jeopardy! Seriously! Peace!
  4. Pharoah

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  5. gesone

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    Thanks, Pharoah!
  6. kitty fabulous

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    the orishas are the "gods" of the religion of santeria. santeria is one of the african diaspora religions, that were created when the native yoruban religion of africa (ifa) combined with the catholicism of the new world. in haiti and new orleans, it became voudon, in places like puerto rico it became santeria, and in cuba it became candomble. (i'm probably slaughtering the spelling.) each orisha is associated with a catholic saint.

    please note the use of quotes around "gods", because the orishas, like the loas of voudon, are not gods as such. they are "laws" ("loa" translates as "law") or forces of nature. when one is "ridden" or possessed by an orisha or loa, one is completely overwhelmed by that force. it usually occurs in ecstatic dance, to the best of my knowledge.

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