Oral Sex Gender Gap?

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by Jo King, Aug 4, 2017.

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    I've always enjoyed sucking cock and prefer to do one at a time. Most enjoyed sucking one as it is fucking my wife. Cleanup afterward is the best for both of them.
    I've also sucked several Men as singles. I prefer to do the sucking and less of the being sucked.

    My wife and I suck each other separately as we also like to watch the expression on the other's face and body. 69 has never been easy for either of us.

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    My first Oral experience was at a relatively young age ("She was 31 and I was 17")
    I've always included it; when appropriate and consensual, in my love making through the years - sometimes there have been times when a female's anatomy has been less pleasant to enjoy/endure - that being said I'm sure there may by times the feeling may have been reciprocal - but in my 57 year experience it's all about communication - Regardless of Age, Sex or Gender (and these days ... 'Chance would be a fine thing' - :)
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    I've always done and enjoyed a dine at the Y and the wife will try to do a BJ but falls short as she doesn't really get into it. It is more of an chore for her that she feels is expected. Non of this has come from me as I do not get anything from BJ's in all of the females that I've been with.

    My experience with the outside our marriage females is that they are stunned that I go down without being asked and that I actually enjoy it as much as PIV. Most of them couldn't get their husbands to do it or had to beg them to do it and it was a mater of fact job that was recieved. I also love to eat creampie's after my own or someone else's deposite. It was never anything but do it! these same women had never had anyone do it to them until I came along.
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