oppostie of ur sign?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Jetblack, May 8, 2004.

  1. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    i just looked up my sign im a sagutarious or how ever u spell it and im the EXACT oppostie of what teh good traits r and im the EXACT SAME as all the bad traits ahah this the same with all u guys?
  2. Luvrgrl

    Luvrgrl Member

    There are many more things to astrology then just your sun sign Jetblack. Maybe one of your other signs is offsetting some of your sagittarian characteristics.
  3. I know in terms of sun sign i'm your opposite sign gemini.

    I know alot of people who are sags and one thing i will say is two opposite signs tend to learn alot about each other then any other.

    I had a sag teacher and i learned so much from him it was rally something.

    Don't worry about what it says, every sign has pros and cons and don't just judge only by sun sign, judge yourself by your sun, moon and rissing sign.

    for example mine is sun=gemini Moon=aries rissing=aquarious
  4. Natz

    Natz Member

    what sucks is that my mum is my opposite starsign which means we really don't get on well, whilst my dad is a libra which mean i get on well with him. I dunno how some people don't believe in Astrology.
  5. bellystar

    bellystar Member

    I'm a Sagittarius. And I think I'm wonderful. ;) Hehehe. xoxo
  6. Some are great some are well i don't know what to say, but as an opposite sign i still think that gemini-sags or sag-gemni can learn alot from each other.

    My good old libra freind has an aries brothers and well for the two of them its kinda like learning how the other sign thinks and learning to copoperate with each other.
  7. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    I am a Cancer but for oposite of that i am not sure.Any one know???
  8. Josh-e

    Josh-e Member

    Capricorn is your opposite
  9. Indriel

    Indriel Member

    I'm also a Cancerian, my opposite is Capricorn - I didn't know that. But it's interesting, I was just reading about Capricorn - cautious, shy, reliable, practical, down -to- earth.... That's a very quick, not very deep look at Capricorn but even from that, I am quite similar..
    As to Cancerian traits - I seem to have an interesting mix of negative & positive - am sensitive, imaginative, nurturing, insightful but can also be moody, temperamental & withdrawn....
    Capricorn & Cancer seem to complement..
  10. oh I know. I am a Libra - my parents are both Aries.
  11. Spinner

    Spinner Member

    Well I'm a Scorpio so my opposite is Taurus.

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