Opportunity to experiment with Shrooms over the long weekend.

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Aberfoyle, May 18, 2004.

  1. Aberfoyle

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    I was invited to my friends cottage for the May 24 weekend, going with a few others, going to have our own tent away from the main cottage so the plan was relax and bask in nature and smoke a lot of marijuana. But as it turns out, one of these friends (used them one time only) is going to be acquiring shrooms and is offering to bring them up. I've been thinking about organizing a group shroom trip at some point in the summer as my first time in order to really control the setting. My concern is that I mayl have an awful experience, as I'm very sensitive to pot, and I think I'm quite eligible to have a bad trip. One of my more experienced friends suggested taking them, and not try to control the trip, to just go with the flow of it. However, I'm not entirely sure I'd be capable of doing this, maybe I'd be getting second thoughts after ingesting them. Does anyone have any advice?

    I feel my heart more than I'd like to when I'm smoking pot (does anybody else get this, especially after maybe a bad mj experience?). Am I going to feel a similar sensation under my chest with shrooms?

    Does my high sensitivity to marijuana imply that I will also have a high sensitivity to Shrooms? Does weight have any impact on how much I should take?

    Oh, and finally, while we're here, exactly how bad would you say a bad mushroom trip is?
  2. well if you had a bad experience on marijuana then you probably are to sensitive. you should eat 1 gram of shrooms if you decide to...wait an hour...see how you feel then eat another 1 gram...thats about half an eighth...for you on your first time dont eat more then half an eighth..this light of a dose will be more powerful then pot, but if you do have a bad time on this dosage it wouldnt be as bad as if you ate a full eighth...and that is fucked up!
  3. 7leafclover

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    Really, you can control whether you have a bad trip or not. If you have doubts about it, chances are you could have a bad trip. However, if you are 100% positive that you want to do it and youre excited about it, you will have a great trip. So if you decide to do it, just keep all bad thoughts out of your head.
  4. daymuse

    daymuse Member

    Do you have chest pains???
    I've had friends complain of this who went to the doctor and were advised to stop smoking (pot) asap.
  5. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

  6. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    i have a friend who gets chest pains too (smoking pot)

    but a doctor will tell you to stop smoking pot no matter what!

    just another crackhead's opinion.....
  7. WeeDMaN

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    The pains you get is from Rapid Heart beats. When you smoke weed, and get either exausted, or scared, or maybe just from laughing or w/e the effort your hard is using is more sensitive. Sometimes I have felt like my heart would explode other times it felt like my hard was going 300 beats a minute. Its all because of the marijuana dude. You wont get it if nothing happens to stardle you, or make you use more energy.Plus Marijuana is known to make your heart speed up, which I believe is perfectly Healthy.
  8. AreYouExperienced

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    Hmm, marijuana has never really seemed to affect my heart in any way. :confused: Most definitely not like a stimulant does. I really don't think I'm affected by it, although I know it speeds my metabolism, I'm 6'0 155 and I can lose 3 pounds in a day and then gain it back the next, and lose 6 the next day. I guess weed is just different on everyone.

    Hmm.. although now that I think about it the speedup of the heartrate is probably a psychological thing. If your heart speeds up, and then you recognizes it, you maybe become fearful of what may happen, so that fear thus multiplies and creates adrenaline to increase your heart rate even more.. hmm.. any insights to this? 1[​IMG]
  9. geckopelli

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    You CAN cause a bad trip deliberately- and that's exactly what you're doing with all that anxiety.
  10. Try a small amount first. wait and see. If pot makes your heart pound it could be from the fact that it raises your blood pressure. Shrooms could do the same but it should'nt be life threatening. If you feel weird aboutit then don't do it. you'll ruin everyone elses trip.

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