Opiate Potentiating guide (really works)

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by Gdeadhead420, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    A while back I came across this guide of several methods to potentiate an opiate high. I did not write this myself but it really does work well. I reccomend this thread be stickied.....my bad if this has been posted before...

    "Hi BLTC!

    What's up. Haven't shown my face in quite some time, but I haven't died or anything. Been super fucking busy with work, school, and of course, drugs.

    So, my opiate experience is now ridiculous. As some you may remember, I had a "opiate potentiation formula" that I thought was pretty damn good.

    That was when my opiate use was, TOPS, once a month. Now, I use several times a week, and only to keep my tolerance from rising and to avoid becoming physically dependant do I limit my indulgence.

    And, in my opiate-induced generally junk-driven journey's, I have seriously revised my famous formula. Here it is, in all it's new, revamped glory:

    That said, to get the ABSOLUTE MOST out of your opiate, try N0 W4RN1NG's patented opioid potentiation formula:

    * T-45) 600mg Tagamet HB(Cimetidine HCl), a large glass of tonic water (or another source of quinine), and a large glass of (white) Grapefruit juice, preferably from concentrate.
    * T-35) 30mg DXM HBr, 4mg CPM, 25mg Benadryl(Diphenhydramine HCl), 330mg Naproxen(Aleve).
    * T-20) 2 Tums OR 1.5 Tbsp. of Baking SODA. (Obviously this step only applies if you are eating your opes)
    * T-0) Parachute\chew\rail\bang your opiate\opioid.
    * T+10) Smoke a bowl or two. Not more, you don't want to over power it.

    In depth explanation:

    The Tagamet HB (Cimetidine) is a broad CYP450 inhibitor. This basically means it 'clogs' the enzymes that metabolize opiates\opioids and clear 'em out of the body. Tagamet HB tablets are 200mg each, so the recommended 600mg is 3 tabs. They're OTC, and you can get a box of 50 generic 200mg cimetidine tabs at CVS for like $5.49.

    Quinine is an ingredient in tonic water, and functions the same way as Tagamet. It inhibits the CYP450 set, more specifically, CYP2D6. It doesn't 'clog' as many enzymes as Tagamet does, but it STRONGLY 'clogs' CYP2D6, which is the MAIN enzyme for opiates like oxycodone, heroin, hydromorphone, etc. A large glass of straight tonic water is plenty. I prefer the "Vintage" brand. You can buy a liter of tonic water at any grocery for like $2.00.

    White grapefruit juice contains three ingredients that clog the CYP450 set. However, it doesn't clog CYP2D6 too well, which is the main one for most opes. It does strongly 'clog' CYP3A4 nicely though, and although that's almost an 'auxillary' enzyme for alot of opiates, it definitely helps out. Again, it's cheap. Go to any grocery store and you should be able to get a nice big bottle of 100% whitre grapefruit juice from concentrate for like $2.50-$3.50.

    An important thing to note for the grapefruit juice is the percentage of juice. A lot of companies make "White grapefruit juice" that is basically water, corn syrup, and like 10% juice. This is almost a waste of your money. You want it to say 100% juice, and also, you want to make sure it's 100% white grapefruit juice! A very common business practice for juice companies is to create 'juice cocktails'. These are beverages that are MAINLY cheap filler juices like apple and pear, with the advertised fruit only partially accounting for that '100% juice' the bottle sports so vividly. Look in the ingredients list, and make sure the only juice in there is white grapefruit, preferably from concentrate.

    Nutritionally, juices from concentrate are usually not as good. However, for one reason or another, grapefruit juice from concentrate can contain 25%-40% MORE naringin, bergamottin and dihydroxybergamottin; the three enzyme inhibitors present in white grapefruit.

    Now, some of you may be wondering WHY 'clogging' these enzymes is so beneficial. Basically, by slowing or even completely stopping the metabolization of opiates, they last MUCH longer. Also, blood plasma levels of opiates have been shown to vastly higher when the CYP450 set is strongly inhibited; meaning their is a higher peak, and it lasts longer.

    It's a win-win situation, trust me. ^_^

    On to the other shit. Benadryl(diphenhydramine HCl) and CPM(chlorpheniramine maleate) are both over-the-counter anti-histamines that increase the analgesic and euphoric properties of opiates to some extent. They also help cut down on the ope-itch. In addition, these guys also slightly inhibit subset CYP2D6.

    Seeing a pattern here?

    DXM (Dextromethorphan HBr, Robitussin, Zicam, etc.[not that it needed an intro on this board]) has a special effect in this formula. Although it doesn't inhibit the CYP450 set to any appreciable extent, it does contribute to analgesia and euphoria for all major opiates. Also, it has been shown to prevent the build up of tolerance! 30mg of DXM a good half hour or so before dosing will definitely slow any tolerance build up if you use this method every time. And with opiates, that's a VERY big deal.

    The Naproxen(Aleve) adds to the analgesia and euphoria. Aleve comes in 220mg tabs, so by 330mg I mean one-and-a-half tabs.

    The tums\baking soda is only necessary if you're eating the opiates in question. Basically, they lower the PH of the stomach\GI tract [well, technically it raises the PH, but ya know what I mean] which allows more of the opiate to be absorbed into the blood.

    It's fine to smoke a little bud, but too much ruins the high IMO. And when I say a little, I mean like .2g, tops. If you have a moster tolerance, titrate accordingly, but if you smoke a few times a week .3 will be perfect.

    To further breakdown all this pre-dose potentiation, I'll make it easy for you guys and just tell ya how many pills to take, and the exact way I consume them

    * T-45) 3 200mg Cimetidine pills, washed down with a HUGE tonic water\white grapefruit juice cocktail.
    * T-35) 1 Coriciden Cough & Cold Low Blood Pressure, 1 Benadryl, and one and a half Aleve.
    * T-20) 2 extra strength Tums if I'm popping the opes.
    * T-0) Rail\pop those shits.
    * T+10) *Smokes a bowl*

    The Coriciden has both 30mg of DXM and 4 mg of CPM, so it's good for killin' 2 birds with one stone. No pun intended.

    Also, some people are under the impression that all these drugs make the high "dirty". They CAN, no doubt about it, but in the dosages I listed, there are *NO* perceived changes in the quality of the high. It really does feel like you took more opiate, minus some itching.

    Anyway, that's basically it! Hope I manage to help some of you guys out on your voyages to the land of nod, and if you have any questions, feel free to post.

    And if this is too lengthy, it's because I'm yakked out of my skull PLUS 48mg hydromorphone; preloaded, of course, with my all-powerful formula.

    ...and I'm procrastinating for a paper due tomorrow morning. But that's besides the point. Peace!

    N0 W4RN1NG

    EDIT: Forgot to mention:

    This formula should NOT be used in combination with codeine. Codeine's pleasurable effects are largely dependant on it's metabolization into morphine via CYP450 subsets. This formula basically fucks that shit up the ass. If you're using codeine, just take the DXM.

    Also, if you plan on drinking alcohol, nix the Aleve. It can cause some nasty damage to your stomach in combo with alcohol. Same goes for APAP\Tylenol(acetaminophen), so if you're taking opiates with tylenol included (Vicoden, Percoset, Endocet, Tylenol 3, etc) be nice to your liver and don't drink. Liver failure is no picnic, mkay?"

    -Once again...I did not write this guide.
  2. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    seems like I came across this on totse, its the best I've seen. The only other thing I can think of is preloading with suppliment cocktails to boast your natural dopamine levels.

    thanks for dragging this over to hipforums, its getting subscribed to for sure.
  3. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    next week or in two weeks when I do Oxy again, I'm gonna try it with tagamet. I hope it works. I've tried it with dyphenhydramine, but that just makes you sleepy and nod more, doesnt really potentiate that much IME.
  4. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    ya I normally take a dramamine (DPH) before i dose with an opiate, more for my stomache than to potentiate. but I figure every little bit counts, too, as far as potentiating goes.
  5. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    If I take 40mgs of OC and use this guide...it makes it feel more similiar to 80.
  6. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    I'm going to try ~300mg of codeine with 30mg DXM and 30mg Diphenhydramine.
  7. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    WHUUUUT!! I finally found some white grapefruit juice!! So check it, I got the tagamet already, and gonna get the gfj pretty soon. The only thing Im still considering is whether to also take a small dose of benadryl.. What do yall think? shouldI add diphenhydramine in my mix?
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  8. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    In Addition, I Totally Agrree That This Thread Should Be Stickied. Mods, Get To Work Please! This Is The Best Opiate Potentiation Formula I've Ever Read.
  9. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    I'm find potentiation talk to be highly suspect by in large (as in BS). Though I have no idea about the potentiation being discussed here, so I'll sticky it.
  10. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    what do you mean you "find it highly suspct"? You think its BS?

    Its actually quite simple. Its common knowledge that some chemicals interact with other chemicals. So opiate potentiation means that you ingest chemicals that block certain opiod receptors in the brain, stomach, and liver, to make the high more potent and last longer.

  11. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    The reasons why this works are fairly easily explained...simply just give it a try if ya don't believe it =P
  12. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    I'll let yall know if it works, in two days.

    Im gonna wash down some tagamet with white grapefruit juice. and maybe pop a benadryl. then some lovely oxycodone! relatively following the time methods in this post.
  13. python134r

    python134r Guest

    Wouldn't this possibly help a borderline OD to go into respiratory arrest?
  14. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    depends on how much oxy you take, obviously you cant take a normal dose that you usually take. I read you should only take like 70% of you regular dose, maybe less. so for example if you normally take 80mgs of oxy, you should only take 50-55mg with the potentiation ingredients.
  15. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    I was pretty clear I think. I even put BS in parentheses for you. People have been saying OJ potentate’s acid and shrooms for 20+ years. They're full of shit. I've also heard a bunch of other dumb ass claims, based on BS rumor.

    But like I said, I have no personal knowledge or experience with this type of potentation, so carry on...I did sticky it after all...
  16. python134r

    python134r Guest

    I see, yes you were clear, just a concern, I 'd rather address concerns prior than address it from the E.R. if ya know what I mean.
  17. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    Im in the process of trying this method out. I'll Let yall kno how it goes.

    So far, I ate 3 tagamets with some white gfj, and one benadryl. in 15 minutes Im gonna eat the oxy.
  18. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    So far the shit is working. I ate 30mg roxi and snorted 15mg, and the high has been steadily climbing! Im feeling so good right now, Im loving this shit. I know if I didnt take the tagamet and gfj, I probably wouldnt feel so good off 45mg, I seriously feel like I did 60mg. Im itching like a mothafucka!

    Im gonna go take a shower, i love taking shower on opiates
  19. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    holy shit im fuckin high. I snorted like another 10mg of oxy and popped a bar, and im starting to nod sensationally! Feeling so0o0o great
  20. NorCaliGreenFiend

    NorCaliGreenFiend Senior Member

    did the tagamet actually extend the high, or just potentiate it? I just got some tagamet benadryl and I plan on getting some tonic water (I assume this is the same thing as seltzer water). I finally got a OC hookup, so this guide came at the right time.
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