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Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by juggafizz, May 23, 2007.

  1. juggafizz

    juggafizz Member

    I love my mom to death, but she's not too keen on me being bi. It's almost like anyone else can be gay, but not her daughter. When I try to explain to her I have sexual feelings twords another girl, she say's I'm just confused, and when i have a girlfriend, we're not actually dating, we're just affectionate friends. Is there anyway to get my mom to accept me for who i am and quit denying the fact im bisexual other than having sex with a girl on our living room couch in front of the whole family, because i feel anymore thats the only thing that would prove to her i am (but i'm not going to do that, way to modest)
  2. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    'least I am half as likely to get knocked up this way' =P
  3. Biida

    Biida Member

    My mom's the same way. I gave up trying to "prove it to her" a while ago. Just let her think her thing, because you can't convince her otherwise if she's already made up her mind.

    You know and accept your sexuality. :)
  4. juggafizz

    juggafizz Member

    lmao i could tell my mom that, but then she would go off the wall, all like, YOUR SEXUALLY ACTIVE???!!! and i don't want to upset my mommy
  5. SkarKrow

    SkarKrow Member

    I wouldn't worry about it hun.
  6. juggafizz

    juggafizz Member

  7. SkarKrow

    SkarKrow Member

  8. Smokin4Peace

    Smokin4Peace Member

    oh yeah, my mom will perpetually think I'm confused. Just let it go, love who you want.
  9. my mom ignores the fact that i'm Bi and when i told my dad i was since i was 16 yrs old (i'm 35 now), he said "thats enough. i don't want to know". Thats what my mom said. i dont think she'd stop me (let her try) from having a gay relationship but she doesnt like it. She all about apperances and "what would the family think"? FUCK THE FAMILY!!!!!! If they dont accept me for me, fuck them!!!!! (plz excuse my language)
  10. i'm openly Bi on Myspace and some ignorant ppl cannot handle it, and they do not even know me!!!! so i say, forgewt what they feel, think of yourself and YOUR feelings and treat her good, but try and sit her down and explain (with pamphlets if neccesary) how you are, how you feel and WHO YOU ARE!!!!
  11. I meant your mom there when i said treat her good and sit her down hun, Juggafizz.
  12. lostdazedintime

    lostdazedintime Fucked in the head

    I got the "whatever makes you happy dear" responce from my mom, I expected her to flip and beat me up or somthing.
  13. Joey*

    Joey* Freaky Supportr Dude

    Everyone in my family knows I'm "different",though I've never said a thing,It does'nt bother me It would'nt be any kind of shock to them.I try not to care much anymore what anyone thinks.Like Melissa Etheridge says in a song... "What do they know about this love anyway"
    Some people will understand,ahh Some won't.When it's family it's more of a problem,but I try to live my life my way that's what I'm gonna do anyway so why should it matter much.Can't please everyone,
    :) Joey**


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