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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by cfg76, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. cfg76

    cfg76 Members


    We are opening an online adult toys store.

    On researching this,their seems to be various options so here are xx questions if you could be so kind to respond

    1) What items would you like in the shop?

    2) How can we make it appeal to all sexes?

    3) What would be the best way to market the www with results?

    We shall not publish the www on this site unless the mods allow.


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  2. solis1916

    solis1916 Members

    I think that a good old penis pump will sell. I recently bought one of these.

  3. Do I know you from another forum which closed recently?

    I think a good toy store should contain a whole range of products at different prices. I would also like to see some lingerie - sexy as well as novelty to go along with the toys
  4. starfield03

    starfield03 Members

    Sell things that people need to buy on a recurring basis such as lube and condoms. If you can get people in the habit of buying consumables from you it establishes a recurring source of revenue plus it gets them back on the site to possibly buy more.

    If I were shopping on the site I'd want a way to filter products based on application. So, if I'm a single guy I want to filter out the double ended dildos and handcuffs. Likewise, if I'm in a heterosexual relationship I want to filter out the pocket pussies and blowup girls.
  5. Joboo6

    Joboo6 Members

    definitely lube and I was on the SF site that closed. What was your screen name there?
  6. I thought so. I was MissScarlett there. Same Avatar. I’d completely forgotten I was a member of this site until someone mentioned it a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Alonso376

    Alonso376 Members

    I've been looking for a cock pump that is at least 8 inches in inserted length and can accommodate a curved up shaft for a while. I am only 5.75 inch girth but due to the curve I need a lot wider pump. I've used pumps in past and get huge results girth wise but my head is always rammed solid against the top wall of pump.
  8. sara2001

    sara2001 Members

    my favorite cushion is a sausage so i sit on that when my hubbys not home and it makes me need to have sex. maybe there could be a sex toy like that?
    it feels like my hubbys lap when he's wearing pants

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