Open-faced southwest turkey sandwich

Discussion in 'Munchie Recipes' started by scarlettchasingroses, May 18, 2004.

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    1 Tbsp. Miracle Whip
    2 slices French bread
    1/4 tsp. chili powder
    5 slices smoked turkey breast
    1 Tbsp. pitted ripe olives, drained, chopped
    1 Tbsp. chopped green chilies
    1/4 cup shredded cheddar & monterey jack mexican style cheeses

    Spread dressing evenly onto bread slices; sprinkle with chili powder. Top with turkey, olives, chilies and cheese. Broil 5 minutes or until sandwich is heated through and cheese is melted. Spice up the sandwich by either doubling the amount of chili powder or by topping each sandwich with a few jalapeno pepper slices.

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