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    I am 21, living near Toronto. Over the past several years I have come to realize I am incompatible with this terrible, terrible authoritarian system under which we live, a system that condemns the masses to lives of servitude, alienation, stress, and misery. All life is one, yet this society is a cesspool of insanity. I am neither misanthropic nor cynical, but I cannot be slotted into my destined position as a bureaucratic cog in a machine of destitution, not when that machine creates so much suffering. I am very much into Buddhism/nature etc. Yes, another white suburban middle-class kid who is dissatisfied with his privilege! But I am sincere, I have been thinking more and more about alternatives. Are there an sort of communes in Ontario? I feel a little discouraged, as it seems this society is closing more and more each day, but I truly want to seek alternatives. Any advice?

    Much love, and thank you!
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    Joint the club ! Alot of us out here with the same views. I for one have been working towards the off grid concept, basicly on a path of removing myself from the order of mainstream society. The way I see it, we were born free the same as any other living creature, yet we all end up slaves, and that is the correct term, slaves. The reason this happens is our own fault for going along with the madness, letting ourselves become dependent on the system that has been created to milk us dry.

    Have you ever considered an off grid community or joining forces with others that wish to creat one? I found getting started with this sort of transition would work best with something that made perfect sense, an RV camper. Home and transportation all wrapped up and ready to roll to where the other right minds are, wherever that may be. Hell even a car and a yurt would get the job done in a pinch. But anyway, just some food for thought. If you're interested in seeking out this sort of lifestyle, feel free to touch base , Im looking for others to join the club in search of a better way. Cheers, TG
  3. Bless you soul man, good to know i'm not the only one still out there hunting. I'm also living in the Toronto Area and I can't keep living this unsatisfactory life when there is so much more out there. Us white suburban middle-class kid's have to stick together hahaha. These communities are a dying breed and i really hope someone would just ignite a movement to restore them. Let me know if you find anything out there or just message me anytime seems like we have a pretty similar view! Good luck on the hunt man!
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    if you don't like servitude ,stress and misery...you better start your own commune and name yourself Chief

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