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Discussion in 'Sex Polls' started by --SkyDrive--, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. --SkyDrive--

    --SkyDrive-- Guest

    who will u love to have sex with ??

    Old Guy
    Married Guy.
    Teenage Guy.
    Young Guy.

    be Honest with your Answers:2thumbsup:
  2. jessa99

    jessa99 Guest

    all of the above. but not at the same time.
  3. Sara21

    Sara21 Guest

    I'm 22. When I became sexually active a few years back I always preferred the man between the ages 30 - 34. Nothing less and nothing more. I'm still sort of like that but my partner is 28 now and was 26 when I met him. Can't think for the life of me why I settled for him!
  4. kairilove

    kairilove Member

    Would you rather love to have...

    A red car
    A blue car
    A black car
    A green car

    Be honest now!
  5. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Depends on its overall condition, age, how well it goes, if it needs work & money spent on it, if its rare & not many were made, if it looks as good as it performs or needs shown who's boss, if it likes being touched with love & driven with either performance or economy in mind, or if it likes certain parts of it being entered & tells you or shows what it likes from you.
  6. kairilove

    kairilove Member

  7. I like variety, will try the sex with any guy or any age
  8. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Even with someone my age - 53 who's into kinky sex acts?
  9. NikeGirl

    NikeGirl Member

    I like guys my age or younger

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