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Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by dose4me, May 21, 2004.

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    ~~Has anyone tried buying pills i.e. xanax, valium, vicoden. I was thinkg about getting some from a website. anyone have any experience with this????~~
    ~~~Danks, Dose~~~
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    yeah ordered from a couple diffrent ones, never had any problems either by getting ripped or a letter from customs ymmv :cool:
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    What are the best sites to go to?
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    Stay away from Medscorp. They used to be very good, something happened late in 2003 (maybe they got greedy, like street dealers do) and started taking the money and running.

    On DRUGBUYERS.COM you can get a lot of info about various websites that sell drugs, without paying a fee to DRUGBUYERS.COM - you can pay a fee and get more benefits, but you can see a lot of the "reviews" of web pharmacies without being a member. Also FOREIGNPHARMACIES.COM - you have to pay about $35.00 for 3 month membership, they also list lots of web pharms and have "reviews".

    I suggest you DO check out one of those sites or another similar one and read the posts from people who order regularly, and LISTEN to what they say about whether the site supplies quality meds and is NOT a ripoff.

    Warning - a lot of foreign sites will replace orders seized by US customs if you send them the letter - that is fine, but a lot of the same will NOT replace orders that simply do not appear. They assume YOU are lying if you say you did not get some order. Like, nothing can ever be lost in the mail - but that is their policy, so you ought to check with the supplier first, email them, ask them if that IS their policy, you have a right to know, up front.

    Another thing to ask upfront- will they ship by express mail if you pay an extra fee?
    The advantage to that is
    1) It is faster - especially if the supplier is overseas
    2) You get a tracking number, so you can see where your order is
    3) You sign for the order (I know, some people do not care to do this - but that way the supplier knows if you got it - or you DID NOT get it - there is no playing around)

    Some sites do not assume you are a liar if an order is lost- they assume you are an honest customer unless you prove otherwise. is a very good, reliable site - they do not have the variety some others do, and are a little more pricey, but they provide EXCELLENT service.

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