One cold night

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by NightShadow, May 22, 2004.

  1. NightShadow

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    One cold night

    The sirens blazing, the night is hazing, and everywhere life is cold.
    Down on a lonely wind swept street, a young man feels the strain,
    thoughts turn to home, another heart turns to stone.
    Where do you run from the pain inside,
    when you've cried all the tears there are to be cried.
    It's so damn' cold here in this city,
    the people like the wind, they have no pity.
    There's one last taste before this packets seen it's day,
    one last goodbye I'll never get to say.
    The sirens blazing, the night is hazing, and everywhere life is cold.
    A heart full of dreams have all been sold,
    one young man will not grow old.
    The morning comes too late for some, in the darkness they fall,
    they scream in silence, but no one hears them call.
    A cold grey face stares up from the street,
    a circle of watchers stare down at thier feet,
    but there pity's wasted, no one understands,
    the beauty that slipped, unseen from their hands.

  2. so full of hope i feel in this piece

    where has life gone ,,,
    thank you for such a polite poem .

    love n peace from saff

    be whole...
  3. NightShadow

    NightShadow Member

    thanx for you coment saff..
    there was definantly hope in there, and life? well it was smoldering away.
    This poem was written 4 years ago when I was
    withdrawing from a heroin addiction of 8 years.
    I've been clean now for almost 4 years :)

    thanx again
  4. its hard to be open about such a thing
    i understand the need and want to be shall we
    say clean....
    around 7 even 8 years ago i lived on powders pills
    tabs my pieces also have hope written in them
    what ever pain is there,nothing is worth
    taking if life is slowly being drained.

    good for you to be so honist.
    to be so accepting of your past.
    i used to meet people and say
    hi im saff im shaking because
    im still coming off alot of stuff

    i still feel lost in this mind of pain
    but being of powders makes me insane.
    its hard to keep living but its harder to dye.
    sorry for blagging you then
    just had to say to you....
    good luck in life
    love n peace from saff.

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