on the road with the HIGHWAY CHILD TRIBE!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by blinkin, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    after more crap and road blocks that I couold have ever expected .....
    4 buses worked on since january,

    the highway child tribe is on the road!!!!!

    what we are

    were a group of ever changing people traveling, living together, communally making money communally eating communally living,
    in a big purple bus called the highwaychild 8

    the tour.....
    well we left 0n 6.6.06
    from hamilton, the tribe that started the tour , Myself, the captain of the highwaychild, called many names road dog, gypsy king, gypsy dick, con man hippy, preacher .....and a crap load more....
    been doing this tribe now just over ten years,...keep saying Ill retire but I never seem to get to it....im only 27..

    my wife and two kids, lindsay the bus momma and rational thinker of the tribe, genesis my daughter and my smile,
    my son Elias Zion....he's a terror on feet...and he's only 1...

    jays a cat we met on this forum, he's a banjo player and trully a funny guy, always quick on the jokes and the last to get frustrated

    sarahs as punk hippy girl from toronto, verty socially active in her poltics and her nature, also quite chill to be around......

    as we travel we pick up folk from place to place, many random wanderes, they join the community, chill for a while then leave , or stay on,
    on this tour were picking up many folk who were on past highwaychild tribes, and further down the highway we go.

    basic rulles...well check out the first page of highway child tribe 2...

    were in west virginia now... heading to texas,.,,,,PEACE!!!!
  2. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    I had to log out really fast, the computer I was on was shutting down.

    so were in morgantown west virginia, were going to make it to kentucky before settling down fro the night,

    theres a national forest there , I think we all could use a bath in a river...

    so for the first time in highwaychild history, we crossed the border without getting called in, they just wove us by......this is in hightened security since they found those terrorists in toronto last week....

    other than that, another day another ball of hemp
    libraries closing

    we could use s few more riders at tis point, anyone around WV KY area?
  3. Vana

    Vana Member

    Give me a scream if you're ever going through north western ontario...
  4. x_WaX_x

    x_WaX_x Member

  5. Gyva02

    Gyva02 WACKY

    Awesome, I truley am jelous... I have questions...

    1. Do you have insurance on your bus? what does it cost per month
    2. how do you keep on a truckin, money has to be around to pay for fixes and gas...
    3... anythign else that keeps you a going... Rock on

  6. Derin

    Derin Member

    well i'm out of the army next septermber how long are you guys going to be rambling for?
  7. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    hey hey
    were just on the west side of tennessee enroute to austin....looks like we missed kerrville ....jay
    meet us in austin we'll be ther as soon as we can.

    piclked up our newest tribe mate, daryle, hes a an older hippy, with ah reat smile and my kids love the guy....we put it to a vote today and he was unanmiously voted in....

    we stop[ped in kentucky at barren lake, for some camping and some beach time...

    the bus is insured 113 a month
    we were planning on bieng veggie oil powered but ranout of timebefrore we finished, we sell hamp jewlery to get by, so far so good, our bead stock is groweing and we have a full stock, we sell average about 10 pieces a day if were not reaLLY TRYING TO HARD.....

    we'll be rolling for a long while on this journey...mayeb a big peacefull tribe experience would do you good after military service....

  8. Gyva02

    Gyva02 WACKY

    Truley awesome gig ya got! Are you guys going ot make it to Colorado for the national gathering? if so I'll stop by and say hi :)

    Bus villiage right lol :)

  9. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    yeah man we will definatley hit up colorado...

    were in jackson tennessee today,
    last night we stopped to sell some hemp jewlery in dickson county...
    I pulled up the bus jumped out and gave my sales pitch, after about 10-15 seconds of silence one of these dudes, spit out a crap load of somethin, then said
    dude youve gotta be Fuckin kidding me, get your ass back in the that bus and get the hell out of dickson, then one of the cats told us he'd buy some if sarah showed her tits......yeah we bowed away and got the hell outta dickson.....
    today has been better....

  10. Gyva02

    Gyva02 WACKY

    ha ha... O man.... I guess some towns just breed more assholes than others... Don't worry I've been getting fair share of them as well, you just gotta laugh look the other way and keep on keeeping on.... I will look for you in colorado just to say hi would be great :)

    Safe travels brothers&sisters

  11. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  12. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    we'll try....

    had funin memphis, though its died a lot the last few years, met a lot of folk who were just sad, a lot of folk who were going to prison for years for drug charges....met other cats so frustrated with the fight of life they just seemed to die inside....

    were in arkansas ....never thought Id be here...but hey
    any moon shine in this state???
  13. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    hmmm.. wheres the gallery of pics?

    from the shit ya talked in the origional post ya was set up with gear..

    memphis pholks headed to prison but walkin the street??

    so how does that work?
  14. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    we went by the mississipi for a walk and met this sister sitting on a bench, the story she told us was she had ran some meth for a guy months ago, left town got clean then came back for her kids, something about a grand marshal or something , she was charged with conspiricy to traffic,
    she metioned a task force called blue crush which was arresting junkies, dealers everybody clearing the street and charging themwith conspiricy, she was sent to prisin or jail whatever released on bond, gioven a public defender.....
    she said she was looking at more than ten years......

    it was a shocking story.

    yeah hillbilly, when shit hit the fan on the last post it buckled me, I was living in a parking lot trying to pay off the the bus work I had done wife kicked me out, I tried to sell my truck early so I could go up north with jay to hook him with tat bus, I never saw any omoney, a week or so before I left on the trip I got possession of the truck back...I lost over 10 grand on that whim, almost lost my family,
    But I kept going, found some work, scrounged together what I could , at the last minute traded the city bus for a coach, then backed away from leaving with that so loaded the schoolbus....man it was a complete nightmare for me, we left with ZERO dollars and quarter tank,
    so that was on 6.6.06 were in texas now, full tank, about 300 bucks in food, a crap load of cool beads and some rose quartz and crystals we found in arkansas,

    but we have none of the nifty gadgets I expected to leave with, a partially completed wvo conversion, so were selling hemp and doing the diesel,
    right now were booking it to austin to pick up sage and jesse, then hitting the gathering and then we may have time to finish the conversion and add some extras....

    we'll have some digital pics up shortly ....soryy your couldnt be a bug on the wall with the web cams I had planed...

    its said if you wanna hear the universe laugh...make your own plans.

    jays on board hes from the forums, as well as linz, Im sure you'll hear their perspectives soon.

    man we got your message you left the home phone, but were in texas, were on our way to get you,
    we dont have you digits , just an address from a PM
    the way we were talking the plan was if we missed kerrville we'd hook up in austin, were about 20 miles outside texarkana in a town called new boston,
    we'll be in austin late tonight or tommorrow, dpending on how sales go....

    were thinking we might hit the greay hound station up in dallas and see if we can find some paying riders to austin..
    send me some co-ordinates so I can pick you up dude.
    were staying in austin only till tuesday or wed, then we have to make it towards the gathering.

    yeah by the way akransas, was a lot cooler than what I had expected , we hit up hotsprings, camped at the national forest, found some cool ass quartz.....nice state...but God I love texas

  15. sage

    sage Member

    i'm on my way to Austin again. I had a dramatic past few days, (more about that later).I don't have much money with me now , I have about $70 to my name at the moment. I can work hard and I also will be able to get money wired to me anywhere. I have some family members wanting to help. Thank you man, and forgive me for the delay. peace
  16. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    hey man
    no problem I mean were delayed a week so its equall karma I guess,
    were on guatalupe st in austin accross from schlotzskys deli....
    were getting kinda stir crazy and want to go find some camping so hurry it up....Ill probally see you before you read this
  17. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    k went out to pace bend down by willies place, did some cliff jumping this morning, we were looking for sage till 11:30 Pm last night then headed out to camp...
    were back in austin hmm its about 4:30 pm were kicking it on guatalupe st, but weve been told the baron springs are kick ass so me may venture over there in a while.

    crazy storm last night five of us stayed up and just watched the lighting lightthe sky.......
    ahhh texas fuckin eh!!!

    got your girlfriends PM ...
    were here waiting on you dude, were leaving town in the next day or so so come get us.....

  18. jay

    jay Member

    Well as for why i made us late for Kernville i am lost
    Back in austin from camping, i gotta tell you texas is alot better then what i was expecting i had a great time jamming on the street last night and im sure something esle will happen tonight

    for alot of the trip we have been just barely getting by, but at the right time, something or someone comes by to send us down the road again.
    as for pictures, iam taking some but i wont be getting them developed till after the trip is done.
  19. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    did I say you made late? sorry man Ill read over and see , but I think I onlay apologised to sage for us bieng late..

    WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!
    ok man were back on guatalupe now its 9:44 pm but I think we'll tryt cruising 6th st then head over to the barron springs park, now we will be parked in the back of the park, if your coming from 6th or guatalupe, get over to lanamar, take it over the bridge pased riverside and make a right on barton springs, ....so just before the park entrance there is a road on the left, take that and follow it maybe 1/2 a mile and we'll be on the rightin that parking lot....
    some of the bus cats had wanted a space bag......god I hate wine
    but we'll be drinking that pillow of stomach pain tonight ...so come on over
    if we dont hook up tonight meet us on guatalupe by the university tommorrow...
    man your killin us dude, we want to check more of austin out but we have to stay where you can find us....

    were leaving town tuesday.......

    we have a crap load of kids wanting a ride to the gathering, there all meeting us on guatalupe tuesday by the market place accross from the university....best meet up with us before then if you want to keep your bunk

  20. Noibe

    Noibe Member

    hey. i think what your doin is really cool. wish you could do England

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