Olive oil infusion

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by stalk, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. stalk

    stalk Banned

    I've a jar with hemp rope wrapped around it hanging above a boiling pot over my stove.

    In the jar is some finely shredded cannabis (Handful) and olive oil. (1.5 cups)

    The steam is passing by the jar, making it hot, allowing the crystals to absorb into the fats. Has been for hours. 8 hours is a good time to allow for the double boil.

    Then I'm going to strain it.

    What I'll have is magic! I'm going to use half of it for pesto (ganja pesto is the fucking best!)
    and I'm going to rub the rest into my lovers back.
    Yes, it's very effective when absorbed through the skin,
    it even helps alleviate stress and relax the topically applied area.

    Yum :D
  2. PhishheadDeadhead

    PhishheadDeadhead Senior Member

  3. stalk

    stalk Banned

    I am in love..
  4. stalk

    stalk Banned

    I'm wondering if anyone else in here has ever had ganja pesto
    or given a ganja massage?

    These two things are some of the best stuff on Earth!
  5. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    yall are going to be really high.

    my head would implode.
  6. how would it feel while masturbating with it?
  7. MaryJBlaze

    MaryJBlaze eleven

  8. stalk

    stalk Banned

    Try it.
  9. i may indeed :D

  10. what? little prudish? I always have olive oil in the house.. don't always have lube ;)
  11. stalk

    stalk Banned

    it's not that great, I'll warn you.
    we tried it once as an anal lube,
  12. Severely stoned

    Severely stoned Senior Member

  13. tculi

    tculi Senior Member

    damn is the ganja pesto really good? i love pesto, but ganja pesto sounds even better. i wanna try this. did the jar have a lid on?
  14. DNCämþër

    DNCämþër Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    ganja pesto sounds superb!!!
  15. new screen ToolMaggot?
  16. stalk

    stalk Banned

    yes it is good, the best.

    and no, the jar did not have a lid on.
  17. MaryJBlaze

    MaryJBlaze eleven

    lol, no no....I think my original statement was perhaps a little too perverted, even for me:eek:
  18. wetsocks

    wetsocks there's no one driving

    I did not know such a feat was possible.

  19. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    woa, this thread makes me full of want

    want for handfulls of cannabis to experiment with
    want for some of this ganja pesto
    and even want for a ganja massage from stalk hehe

    edit: no i'm not gay

  20. try me :p

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