Older Women Who Spank Young Women

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by sonyajean, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. sonyajean

    sonyajean Members

    Are there any older women on here(30s up) who spank younger women(20s,teens) either as discipline or pleasure? Not necessarily lesbian though that certainly a plus. Who may like role playing, such as mom/daughter, aunt/niece, etc.
    Love conversation with you.
  2. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    Sure would be fun to watch an older women spank & whip a younger one!!
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  3. I am not so sure I like being called old lol but yes I certainly believe that you are never ever too old to be spanked. We need a serious talk about your behaviour. Email me at Barbs35@mail.com and we shall discuss the consequences
  4. sonyajean

    sonyajean Members

    Thanks, I may do do just that, email you, I mean
    You might like to read my post in the Spanking for Real Life Infractions thread.
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