Old Crone, is my grandfather trying to communicate with me?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by cateyes209, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. cateyes209

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    Hello again!
    I know my guides watch over me but I get the sense that my grandfather is trying to get to me somehow. I have a very strong connection with my great grandfather(maternal) that to this day makes me tear up sometimes when I think about him. I really miss him but there are certain times when I feel so overwhelmed by the emotions that I think maybe there is something more to it. He died 12yrs ago yet I still feel like he's with me. I can't remember his speaking voice but I do remember the sound of his laughter and all the funny noises he use to make; the smile, the 5 o'clock stubble he would rub on your face, the smell of his clothes after a long day on the farm and I remember his hands. My 7yr old talks about him as if he's met him and is still around sometimes. I know we are all connected whether we're here or there. Is there something I need to know other than the fact that love transcends all space and time? Is he trying to tell me something and can you help me with this? I have a sense of hurt and urgency when it comes to him and I don't know why.

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    Hi Cateyes209

    Yes he is with you and in many ways his energy will continue to walk with you through this life. The urgency you feel and confusion is his way of trying to tell you he is moving on into another life and this will change how he relates to you on some levels. He ask that you understand his love will follow you as pussy willows in bloom. Those great big ones that catch you by suprise.

    He knows your journey and treasures you love for him. He has been working with your spirit gudies and that is why he seems so close to your 7 year old. This will continue. Just embrace the experience and let him move on. Some day you will see him in someones eyes and know life is like the circles we create in the imaginations of our dreams and drawings. We are the windchimes of energy, and love causes the wind to blow. So yes he is with you. Yes he is moving on. Yes he will stay connected through your spirit guides. and yes he is fine. You honor him by your commitment to care and understand when sometimes all you want is for things to stay the same. All we have is change and this too is love blooming in the most unexpected ways.
  3. cateyes209

    cateyes209 Member

    Thank you for sharing that with me. I know his love will always be with me in my heart no matter where he goes. Fortunately, there a few things in life and after that never change.



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