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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Sylver, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Sylver

    Sylver Member

    I know that I'm asking questions that have been asked repeatedly, but I'm having some issues....
    This whole dreadlock thing is a lesson in patience and letting go of control!
    At the moment, I have bands at the roots and ends of the sections that have been backcombed.

    Should I bight the bullet and take them out?
    I bought bands that are meant to last longer, and I was only going to leave them in a month or so.

    I just need reassurance that they will infact tighten and knot up by themselves!

    Ah, patience and trust...
  2. atlantic224

    atlantic224 Member

    they will tighten and lock up by themselves better without the bands! really! band should only be used for initial sectioning, if at all.
  3. Merrivale

    Merrivale Senior Member

    Take them out otherwise you might lose track of some of them. Also dreads need to be able to move to lock....
  4. ThePmiester

    ThePmiester Member

    Honestly! Take out the bands!
    They will knot on their own, it just happens, don't pull at the roots, or rootflip etc You can do a bit of root rubbing by rubbing the offending root in a clockwise motion for a minute or so, although this is just a starter to help the process, although alot of people don't do this, but it worked for me :)
    Good luck
  5. Smelly D

    Smelly D The Dreaded Plumber

    take the bands out and relax =]
  6. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    never evder had bands in mine (well except used big ones to tier em back ling ago quickly realized that weas a bad idea)
    never root rubbed or anythiung either the roots take care of themselves

    remove the bands and relax
    if u wait a mionth your screwed tghe bands that are now i=n the outside will be burried inside lost and forgotten doomed torot

    they dont belong there so get rid ofg em theyre not helping u 1 bit
  7. oshinn

    oshinn Member

    i recommend for a personal thing just visiting the inspiration thread...
    that helps a lot because locks are an exercise in ultimate patience.
  8. Sylver

    Sylver Member

    Thanks everyone!
    I never realised the difficulty that I would have on a personal level with this!
    It really is so much more than just a way to wear your hair...
  9. ThePmiester

    ThePmiester Member

    It's a way of life, it's a state of mind ;)

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