ok... man the blond chick in Better than Chocolate...

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Willow-Bridget-Love, May 22, 2004.

  1. i think it was Christian Cox.. i saw the movie a few weeks ago... man shes hot.. ok. i guess im probly gonna get bashed for making a "useless " post. yay! i see my girlfriend in less than 12 hours!!! and i get to sleep in my sweet lover's arms again, and hold her, and kiss her. and i got her flowers. and im getting my own guitar!! and IM IN LOVE!!! i write like 3 poems about her everyday , call her twice a day, drool when i think about her(she says she drools when she thinks about me... awww...), and i think about all the time, i get immensly turned on just by being in the same room as her (emmotionally, physically, mentally, spriritually), i see everything, and when she holds me all my pain and sorrow from every bleed out and wash away.. when i hear her voice on the phone it sends shivers down my spine,every second were away from eachother, is like a million thorns, but when i see her again.. there is no time, no space, no world, nothing, everything.. just Love, nothing else is anywhere.. Love is everwhere.. I had always thought that id love someone, and theyd have hair like this, and this colour eyes, and theyd talk like this.. but Love... its nothing like that, its not like its expected, or its gonna happen when your in a gown... Well i fell in Love with her before i Even met her, see shes a friend of mines, but we go to different Schools, so then I met her when my friend Pheonix, and my Girlfriend(Lucy), well we were all gonna go to Rocky Horror together, so since Lucy is a friend of Pheonix's when i was at Pheonix's Lucy called, and Pheonix is like "why dont you say hi to Lucy."(ha, Pheonix is an Empath, so she knew all the TIME!! she knew!! yay! Godess bless her! for cause of her, i met my Love) so we started talking and we talked about 2 hours, and she had to go, man my ass went asleep.. lol.. but after that i was kinda mystifyed by her, and i felt like i needed her, i wanted her, i didnt even know her really, but i felt she was a missing part of me.. and yeah.. we met on March 6th this year, and she sat on my lap when we went to Rocky that day, and we were really close all weekend, always hugging. and hold, and walking together.. though i was still kinda in Love with this guy, he didnt Love me but oh well, so it goes, it wouldnt have worked right anyways, and i had to get completly over him emmotionally before i could really be with her, and give my heart to her. and yeah, i got over him,.. its kinda hard to do but yeah. so then I had my first kiss ever on May 1st.. Belltane, at 11:01pm.. just before we left to Rocky Horror again. and yeah... ok i dont know y i ranted so long... ill See her im about 10 hours!!!! :D :D
  2. Have you seen my signature?

    Christina Cox is fucking GORGEOUS. I can't even describe how hot she is in Better Than Chocolate. It's unreal. Her lips and her eyes, her innocent expressions...which is not even to mention the body...crazy

    You're sooo lucky you're getting to see your girlfriend. I hope you have a wonderful time.
  3. yup, your signature is what made me think of her!

    yay! i had a really loverly night, we slept in eachother's arms again, and yeah it was all good, and i Love her and now i really miss her... im so happy that i got to see her again!
  4. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    I much prefer carrie ann moss in that movie. dammit shes hot.
  5. peaceful420

    peaceful420 Member

    I know exactly how you feel about seeing your girlfriend and being away from her, especially being in her arms and getting turned on just being around her. Better Than Chocolate is an awesome movie. Ironic, my girlfriend taped it for me! It's just so good. Canadian indie films rule.
  6. why is it ironic that your girlfriend taped it for you?


    i love being a bitch about the misuse of irony.

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